Low budget plans for this summer

Summer’s here – it’s time to make the most of the sun while it’s around! However, lots of activities can end up being expensive. Nevertheless, there are plenty of low budget ways to enjoy the weather, that won’t break the bank. Below are some exciting, cost-effective plans for you to explore.

A picnic at the park

Being around nature is therapeutic. Studies suggest that being near trees can boost our mood, reduce stress and generally promote wellbeing. One way to enjoy nature, is to visit a park and bring a picnic. Good food to accompany your picnic can include bars of chocolate, sandwiches, fresh fruit, or a fragrant salad.

Visit a lake

Swimming can be the ideal way to cool down on a hot day, while also getting some exercise done. Visiting a nearby lake is one way to try and get a swim in. Just ensure that it’s safe to do so: make sure that you’re not swimming alone, be careful if there are currents, give yourself time to acclimatise to cold water and check the depth of the water.

Visit some ruins

Visiting historical sites on a beautiful day can be a tranquil experience. The National Trust maintain ruins across the UK and browsing their website can help you find a fascinating spot near you.

A beach day

A trip to the beach rarely disappoints. All you have to do is find your local coastline and try one of the beaches there! From reading a book in the soft sand, to paddling in the cool sea, the beach has something for everyone.


Geocaching is a neat way to combine exercise and entertainment. It’s basically a worldwide treasure hunt. Participants use a Global Positioning System receiver or mobile device to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world.

Fruit picking

Picking your own fruit has dual benefits. Firstly, you’re usually picking at a farm, and the process is a surprisingly effective form of exercise. Walking around through orchards and through fields is tiring! But secondly, after putting in all that effort, the fresh fruit tastes even sweeter – and you’ll end up with huge punnets to enjoy. Just search for your nearest pick your own fruit farm and go from there!


A simple hike is hard to beat. Whether it’s around a nearby park, or if it’s a special trail you’ve picked out, a long walk accompanied by nature gives you a sense of wellness.

There are plenty of low budget options out there for summer – and by following one of the above ideas you can ensure you enjoy it to the full!