13 Best Conservative News Websites on the Internet

With the recent resurgence in traditional conservatism, many people are looking for quality news sources to stay up-to-date on current events. Here is a list of 13 best conservative news sites on the Internet. 

Conservative blogs are an excellent way to find out what conservatives think about politics and culture without having to read liberal sites that often have biased perspectives. Conservative bloggers offer advice for everyday living as well as political commentary and information about world events. 

Blogs can be a great resource when researching topics in school or work projects because they provide easy access to multiple viewpoints from respected authorities in their field of expertise–just make sure you always check your sources!

  • National Review

National Review is the premier destination for conservative thought, and one of the leading websites on foreign policy information. Remember to sign up for newsletters such as Morning Jolt by political correspondent Jim Geraghty ifin order to have an updated information regarding what’s happening with domestic politics or News Editor’s Roundup by Jack Crowe if your interests lie outside of America.

  • The American Thinker

American Thinker is an opinion blog that provides the most unique and up-to-date information. This site publishes articles written by Americans with impressive backgrounds in politics, as well as their own opinions on different political topics. Readers are invited to join in discussion and submit content themselves.

  • The Washington Free Beacon

The Washington Free Beacon is a fantastic site for anyone who loves satire and investigative journalism. The stories it publishes are always fresh, unique, and entertaining. This source does not offer an unbiased perspective on current events so be sure to read the story from all angles before accepting any conclusions that may present themselves as facts.

  • LifeSiteNews.com

If you are looking for something different than the usual news, LifeSiteNews.com is a great place to go! This website contains articles on family life and offers an alternative perspective that doesn’t shy away from tough topics like euthanasia or abortion. The site also publishes daily newsletters with interesting stories about pro-life activists around the country; it’s refreshingly unique!

  • PJ Media

PJ Media is a site where conservative commentary can be found in the form of blogs and articles. They are trying to defend, protect, and preserve what made America great by providing their own version of news coverage that focuses on issues such as national security concerns or economic stability for all Americans.

  • The Blaze

TheBlaze is a website run by multimedia figure Glenn Beck that publishes breaking news, exclusive commentary and other independent material in the form of new media. The site was founded on July 31st to take pride in being patriotic as well as reasonable with its posts including both video content and written articles for readers who prefer one or the other format.

  • RedState

Erik Erickson is a legend in the world of conservatism. He founded RedState, which has grown to be one of the most popular conservative blogs and news sources on Earth with 19 million monthly readers. One thing that sets it apart from other sites are its exclusive opinion pieces written by staunch conservatives who want their voice heard while they share what’s going on behind-the-scenes with politicians at crucial gatherings like this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

The founder himself speaks passionately about his beliefs during discussions for new members but also provides different perspectives through debates he hosts between commentators or journalists such as Karl Rove versus Dana Loesch when discussing how gun control legislation was handled following recent mass shootings across America where guns were used instead of bombs.

  • The Federalist

The Federalist is a news site that contrasts with the mainstream media by presenting conservative viewpoints and analyses of culture, politics, and religion. The website’s homepage features links to articles from different authors who provide new angles on the day’s top stories or counterarguments for prevailing narratives.

  • The Washington Times

The Federalist offers a strong contrast to mainstream news and opinion. It is not merely the liberal-conservative divide that we see in other media, but there are three key themes: culture, politics, and religion. These topics produce material that is both analytical as well as entertaining because it also follows the conservative pattern of debate on hot button issues with counterarguments included for balance; think The Daily Show meets National Review Online. You might enjoy reading about these thoughtful pieces if you’re looking break out from an all-politics or -culture diet where everything fits neatly into one side’s narrative.

  • Twitchy

Michelle Malkin founded Twitchy in 2012. It is a website that finds trending news items, stories and events posted on Twitter and showcases the best conservative tweets related to those stories. If you like knowing what’s going on before it hits mainstream media, then this site will be right up your alley with all of its excitement wrapped into 280 characters or less.

  • Freedomain Radio

Freedomain Radio is a successful long running talk show/podcast hosted by Stefen Molyneux. This conservative news site has 143K listeners on Alexa, and the site links to his YouTube channel as well as radio show podcast. He’s bright, good on camera, and willing to discuss some of the most important issues in day-to-day life like religion immigration family politics etcetera with thoughtful discussion but also interviews from great guests that are interesting for all audiences (commercial free).


VDARE is a prominent conservative think tank that has been consistently publishing insightful articles on the culture and immigration issue. The founder, Peter Brimelow, wrote an article in 1997 that deeply influenced Trump to advocate for tightening US borders (which would have helped him win). He now serves as editor-in-chief of VDARE’s website with 79K visitors per day.

  • The Connor Post

The Connor Post is an international conservative news aggregator with a new, innovative approach to providing the best Western press sources in individual countries as well. It also provides original content and links to other great sites like Drudge for those who want more of what they’re looking for without having to go through Google or social media themselves.


With all the liberal news sources out there, it can be hard to find a reliable conservative website. That’s why we compiled this list of 13 best conservative news sites on the internet for you! Whether you are looking for more information about current events or just want an alternative perspective, these sites should provide everything that you need to stay informed and entertained. Have any other favorite right-wing online destinations? Share your favorites in the comments below.

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