The Biggest Gaming Destinations in the US

Nothing can match the magic of playing in a world-class casino, especially when you’re feeling that luck is on your side. With more than 30 destinations and 450 casinos nationwide, we can confidently say that the gambling scene has seen vast changes over the course of the past few decades in the US. These days, domestic tourists build their entire vacation itineraries around the destinations that offer gambling. Furthermore, gamblers now have more options than ever before when it comes to destinations where casinos operate legally, and this makes things a little more difficult when trying to figure out where to play next.

Below, you’ll find a list of destinations that offer some of the best casinos in the world. Hopefully you’ll find this list useful when planning your next big gambling trip.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

We will kick it off at what is considered to be the most famous place in the world for gambling and entertainment. Las Vegas, also known as Sin City is a destination where you can make your wildest dreams come true and your chances of hitting a life changing jackpot is well within reach.

You can gamble almost everywhere in Las Vegas. From the airport to the malls and high-end hotel casinos, your chance to win big is just a few steps away. The gambling scene in Vegas is exceptional, the casino experience and the wins are certainly larger than life. Finding world class entertainment in Vegas couldn’t be easier.

  1. Atlantic City, New Jersey

In Atlantic City, you get the best of both worlds. The Las Vegas style gambling scene mixed with a little bit of that Jersey shore vibe. Whether it’s a family vacation or strictly a gambling trip, Atlantic City has you covered, with endless family destinations, a wide variety of casinos, and enough games to make your head spin.

Atlantic city’s operation expansion is always on the rise. The city has been in the Top 3 destinations in the US for gambling and alongside the ranks of Vegas and Reno, Nevada.

  1. Indiana

If you happen to find yourself in the Midwest and you’re feeling a little lucky, make sure to visit one of the 12 casinos that the state has to offer. Indiana’s gambling scene is definitely on the rise as more and more gamblers are learning more about it.

The game of poker is extremely popular in Indiana so if you’re a lover of poker, you’re in luck. There are a variety of hotel casinos that include private poker rooms available 24/7 in case you’re up late and wanting to place a few bets before calling it a night.

Tip: You can choose to roll the dice in a land-based casino or change up the ambiance a little bit and try your chances at gambling on a riverboat. Gambling in Indiana is a one-of-a-kind experience to say the least.

  1. Detroit, Michigan.

This city isn’t all about gray clouds and gloomy mornings. With an extensive list of more than 9,200 slot machines, it’s hard to choose where to begin. Detroit’s casino scene will certainly take you by surprise.

There are four casinos available in Motor City alone and they’re all within a walking distance of each other. Each casino is maintained and operated on the same level of professionalism as a high-end Vegas casino. The most popular casino in Detroit, the Greektown Casino is a tribe-owned casino that offers an unforgettable authentic gambling experience.

  1. Cripple Creek, Colorado

Experience the peak of gambling on the Colorado mountains. Cripple Creek is the destination for gaming fun. Cripple Creek offers a wide variety of casinos, 9 of which are within walking distance of each other.

Casinos in the city of Cripple Creek are equipped with modern facilities, beautifully refurbished historic buildings making them the best casinos in the state. The hunt for the jackpot never stops in Cripple Creek. Casinos now operate 24/7 with no last call. Gamble your mornings and your nights away.

6. New Orleans, Louisiana

Hop on the trend of riverboat gambling in New Orleans. The city offers a lot of non-gambling activities that you and the family can enjoy, but the gambling scene sure stands out.

The Mississippi river gave the city the edge it needed to take riverboat casinos to the next level. Although riverboat gambling has gained its fame nowadays, the boats that were initially made solely for river cruises have become the infamous riverboat casinos that are taking all the hype. New Orleans utilized its full capabilities and took advantage of all its resources to become one of the leading states on the gambling scene.

As the legalization of gambling in the US continues to be on the rise, and as the list of destinations substantially grows, the places where you can enjoy a unique gambling experience are becoming immense. Get on the gambling train before it’s too late. To get started, the destinations listed above are the hottest gambling spots nationwide. Make sure you check each one off your list.