Journey through ‘Apocalypse’ with NFT adventurer bags in new Loot Metaverse

Journey through ‘Apocalypse’ with NFT adventurer bags in new Loot Metaverse

Award-winning survival game developer FredBear Games unveils alternate universe for Loot project – featuring ‘survival bags’ for nuclear war, meteor strikes, monsters and pandemics.


A brand new apocalyptic metaverse has arrived on the rapidly-expanding NFT game Loot – inviting users to grab vital ‘survival bags’ for the end of the world. 


Loot features randomised adventurer gear generated and stored on chain – offering players essential tools to take on zombies, nuclear war, meteor strikes, pandemics or monsters.   


The latest Loot development, ‘alternate universe #2’, gives the community a chance to prepare for doomsday. 


With over 10,000 unique survival bags to choose from, players can source clothes, headwear, boots, gloves and accessories ranging from duct tape to sunglasses to Valium. 


All-important weapons are also up for grabs, from head-splitting chainsaws to humble frying pans.


Players can also select a sidekick for their journey – be it a trusty dog or feisty feline.


Loot’s Apocalypse universe is backed by survival game specialists FredBear Games – a developer with multiple awards and over 5 million sales under its belt for the likes of The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands and its sequel The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores (out now on mobile and soon to be released on consoles). 


Bringing NFTs, communities, imagination and stories together, Loot has evolved from text lists into hundreds of drawings, illustrations, maps, spells and relics in less than a week. 


The Original Loot collection of 8,000 unique bags of adventurer gear (released by Dom Hofmann) was claimed in under 4 hours. Each loot bag featured eight items: A piece for an adventurer’s chest, foot, hand, head, neck, ring, waist, and weapon. 


The new Loot metaverse is being touted as totally unique. With no art, team, or attributes, Loot makes it impossible to gate-keep any creative decisions – ensuring an unfiltered, uncensorable building block for stories, experiences and games all in the hands of the community. 


The first 4,000 Apocalypse survival bags are being reserved for original Loot holders and promotional giveaways – with a remaining 6,000 available for everyone else. 


The Loot community will play a part in building out the new metaverse into something even bigger over subsequent weeks. Members are encouraged to contribute ideas – with NFT freebies given away to anyone who puts forward a winning concept. 


Join Loot on Discord for free NFT giveaways. Sign up as an early adopter and grab a survival bag at OpenSea. 


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About FredBear Games 


UK-based company FredBear Games was founded in 2014. Specialising in video game development, NFT games, publishing and distribution, the company also works on the development of in-house games (both F2P and premium) for mobile, console, PC, cloud gaming and IPTV platforms – with over 1 billion users worldwide. 


Already operating working premises in Singapore, FredBear Games launched a new 20-person studio in Vietnam in 2021 – creating space for new co-development projects with fellow big name publishers. 


Aiming to produce and distribute great new mobile and console games beyond 2022, FredBear Games is also continuing to support indie developers with publishing services – drawing on expertise and a vast network to launch on different platforms. 


The company has worked with various developers to promote and distribute games that have achieved over 15 internationally recognised awards and more than 80 frontpage features on the biggest app stores. 


Today, app developers recognise FredBear Games – with its membership of exclusive preferred partner programmes and industry collaborations – as a trusted partner to reach their distribution goals. 

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