4 possible reasons why your ear is hurting

Earache can be incredibly uncomfortable and painful, especially when left untreated. It’s important to look after your ears and address any pains in the area. Ear infections can be caused by a number of factors and are often easily treated by antibiotics. If you experience earache often, you need to be aware of why your ear is hurting. A little research can help you identify the cause of your pain and stop it from happening again.

If your earache becomes severe or lasts for several days, you should consult a medical professional for help. Ignoring the pain can often lead to complications and make you lose your hearing for a while.

Here are a few possible reasons why your ear is hurting right now.


Earwax is an essential part of the ear. Your ear produces and removes wax all the time. However, if you use cotton swabs and objects to get the wax out, you can push it further into your ear canal and damage your inner ear. Your ear might itch, discharge gunk or get easily infected. Mildly impacted ears are painful – but can be treated with over-the-counter ear drops to soften the wax. If the wax has hardened, you will need to see a doctor get the wax out.

Air pressure

You might have seen people sucking on hard candy when a plane takes off. This is an easy way to ease the pressure in your ears during the take-off. Your ears may pop when you swallow to balance out the pressure. It also helps to stay awake when the place descends and to take a deep breath, pinch your nose shut and gently blow air out of your nose.

Swimmer’s ear

An outer ear infection can get very painful very fast. Typically, it will hurt when you pull your earlobe or push the tine flap that closes your ear. Swimmer’s ear happens when water gets trapped in your ear canal and begins to breed germs. Your ear may look red and swollen while leaking pus. Keep your ears dry during and after swimming with a cap and ask a doctor for antibiotic ear drops.

Other causes

Tooth abscesses, cavities, tonsilitis and pharyngitis, can all result in earache. The nerves in your face and neck are near your inner ear. Ear pain is often described as one of the worst symptoms of conditions elsewhere in the face and neck.

Pay attention to your ears and avoid putting anything into the ear canal.

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