Car Maintenance Tips: How To Make Your Car Good And Look Like New?

Owning the preferred car is a dream for most. However, when the initial fantasy is over, some ignore the care and maintenance part that makes the vehicle look old. This can increase the total maintenance costs and reduce the resale value.   

The leading car transport companies have a number of maintenance tips to make your car look good and like new.  

Keep The Interior Spotless

The cleanliness and general ambience of the interior of the car is the primary factor for the travel experience in it. There are generally two types of cars available in the market: hardtop cars and convertibles. Based on the climatic conditions of your city, you might want to have different strategies for maintaining the interior of your car. 

You can choose abrasive cleaners to keep the interior glowing if you live in warmer climates. Humidity, weather, and altitude are some factors that can reflect the condition and appeal of your vehicle. Especially if you park the vehicle outdoor, the sunlight, rain, and other factors of nature can take a toll on the car’s shiny look. 

Therefore, always keep the vehicle in a garage or tent to retain its sheen. If no other option, use a car cover to minimise the direct sunlight exposure. Importantly, never try to park your vehicle under trees to avoid damage due to tree sap and paint fading issues due to bird droppings and leaves. 

Regular Car Wash

Regular washing of your car is an excellent way to make it look good and new. Especially if you live close to a coastal area, you should regularly wash your car to avoid paint damage due to the salty air.  

In addition to washing the car, you should apply a coat of wax to make the shiny appeal last for long. The wax can also create a protective barrier for your car against the damage due to salty air and bird dropping. Also, it helps you minimise the issues of rust, scratches, and other damage.    

Avoid Car Leaving In Unfamiliar Places 

If you leave your car in an unfamiliar place or street, you may not have the proper knowledge of what can go wrong. One of the biggest threats to the shine of your vehicle is bird droppings. Most bird droppings have uric acid, a chemical that is corrosive and can etch both paint and paint sealants. 

Keep in mind that the uric acid in bird dropping is between 3 to 4.5 pH levels – making it quite acidic. If you leave your car in unfamiliar places and failing to notice the bird droppings for a few days, this can cause permanent damage to the paint.  

However, you can’t avoid the situation of leaving your car in unfamiliar places at times. The best thing you can do is placing a cover to prevent any bird dropping issues. Additionally, you should also expect the risks of breaching or stolen attempts if the locality you park in is an unsafe neighbourhood. 

Final Thoughts

Your car may be your precious possession with a lot of special memories. Cleaning daily and paying attention to the minute things of the vehicle can make it look good and new. 

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