More than 20% of Brits say they have bought their car a Christmas present, new survey finds

  • 23 per cent of car owners say they have bought their car a Christmas present in the past
  • More than four in ten greet their cars when they walk up to it
  • Young car owners are the age group who are most sentimental towards their vehicles
  • Car personality is the biggest reason Brits name their cars, with Ford owners most likely to name theirs
A new survey asking 1,000 car owners how they treat their vehicles has found that 23 per cent of car owners have bought Christmas presents for their cars in the past. A mixture of maintenance gifts and ‘sprucing up’ products, like new wiper blades and air fresheners, are just some of the Yuletide presents that Brits like to give to their beloved vehicles over the winter period. A further 23 per cent say they haven’t bought their cars Christmas presents but would like to in the future. Interestingly, more than four in ten (42 per cent) of British drivers also say they routinely greet their cars when they walk up it, with Londoners (67 per cent) being the main region of vehicle greeters. When gender was analysed, the survey by Vertu Motors found that men are most likely to greet their cars. They are also the most likely to buy their cars Christmas presents. However, men aren’t always showing affection to their vehicles, with nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) admitting they show anger or resentment towards their car if it performs badly, suggesting men have a strong emotional connection with their cars regardless of circumstance. Women are more likely to name their car because they think it has a personality, whereas men prefer to name theirs after a person or object, such as a favourite film, music artist, or beloved relative. The survey further found that young car owners (18-24 years) are the most sentimental towards their cars. Out of all the age groups, they are most likely to name their car, greet their car, and buy it a Christmas present. They are also the age group most likely to name their next vehicle. When asked about naming conventions, the survey found a quarter of Brits (25 per cent) have named their car in the past and 63 per cent are likely to name their next car. Some of the top reasons Brits said they name their car are:
Ranking Reason Percentage
1 The name fits the car’s “personality” 38 per cent
2 Because of the colour of the car 26 per cent
3 Because I like to think of my car as a member of the household 26 per cent
4 Named it after a character from my favourite film 21 per cent
5 Named it after a beloved family member 19 per cent
Of all car models, Ford owners are most likely to name their vehicles, with 36 per cent saying they have named their Ford motors at some point. The most sentimental time for car owners is that fateful first car, with more than two-thirds (61 per cent) of Brits saying they named their first car. A Vertu Motors spokesperson commented: “It is wonderful to see so many car owners not only naming their vehicles, but also treating them to special gifts and treating them like one of the family. “The sentimentality that many of us share with our motors remains strong for the majority of Brits, from the very first car and beyond. “More than just being a means of transport, our cars become our closest allies in times of need and often become a focal feature of many car owners’ biggest life events. There is a strong bond there, which we completely understand here at Vertu Motors.” For further insights from Vertu Motors, visit the Vertu Motors blog.