How Does Advanced Ceramic Coating Formulation Increase Car Paint Protection?

The fresh on-the-road cars from the showroom have a shine and luster. Exposure to changing weather conditions, bird droppings, dust, and dirt fades the colour of the car’s body. An obvious way to retain the appeal and rejuvenate the shine is the application of car paint protection. Advanced ceramic coating is the hottest trend in car care.

Maximize the Paint Protection with Ceramic Coating

The car paint protection Gold Coast with ceramic coating has advanced formulation to safeguard the car’s paint. The ceramic coating comprises silica and titanium dioxide. It forms a protective layer over the car’s paint. The ceramic coatings have a variable concentration of silicon dioxide, which defines the hardness of the protective layer. 

The ceramic coatings are of different types and form varying bonds. The nano-coatings are highly-concentrated formulae that fill the cracks or scratches to hide the imperfections on the car surface. The ceramic coating with the highest degree of Si02 (silicon dioxide) has a hardness of up to 9H and is popularly used as car paint protection. The Si02 reacts with the clear coat and forms a covalent bond with the paint. This forms an additional layer of protection over the paint with a few microns per layer thickness. It hides any blemishes or damage on the car surface and gives a glossier, richer colour.

Benefits of application of Ceramic Coating on Car Paint 

The ceramic coating extends the beauty and appearance of the car surface by forming a strong bond with the paint. The nano-coating binds permanently to the surface resulting in a hydrophobic, easy to clean layer.

  • The strong layer of coating on the paint provides a deep colour. The car’s paint appears glossier and gives the shine of a brand new car.
  • The layer is hydrophobic and hence offers self-cleaning properties. It cleans off surface water and repels dust or dirt.
  • The layer protects the car from UV rays and prevents the oxidation or weathering of the paint.
  • The ceramic coating forms a protective hard layer on the paint surface, eliminating micro-scratches and blemishes. The hardened coating makes the paint resistant to scratch.
  • The car paint ceramic coating protects the vehicle from chemicals, environmental pollution, and detergents.
  • It acts as a barrier between the car’s paint and the environment or accidental scratches demanding low maintenance.

The ceramic coatings are perfectly suitable for wrapped cars. The coatings with a high level of silicon dioxide form a hydrophobic layer and have strong water sheeting properties. The coatings reduce the risk of water spotting from splashes of hard water. The hydrophobic layer over the paint makes it easy to wipe the car surface and clean off dust and dirt. 

Improve the health and outer appearance of the vehicle 

One of the easiest ways for a car to look young and new is a clean and shinier exterior surface. This includes the body, wheels, and brakes of the car. Applying an advanced formulated ceramic sealer with high silicon dioxide protects the brakes, wheels, and the vehicle’s painted surface. The car paint protectors add a wet metallic shine to the surface due to their hydrophobic properties.

The paint sealant or coating enhances the car’s visual appearance and protects it from cracks or scratches. It increases the resell value of the car. The professionals provide ultimate protection to the vehicle with superior and premium quality ceramic coating. Wax and sealants add a natural shine to the car’s surface. However, the ceramic coatings create a durable and hardened layer that maximizes the longevity of the paint. The advanced SiO2-rich ceramic coatings last longer as they are durable against the environment.