All about the profession of 3D visualizer

3d – visualizer means a very versatile person.  It is now difficult to do without a specialist even when creating an advertising layout.  As a designer, a specialist in this profession helps to see a given layout in a three-dimensional image, taking into account lighting, falling shadows, the type of material, surrounding objects.  First, the master receives a layout with drawings of the future object.  Having calculated all the parameters, the visualizer starts to work.  At this stage, the work can be viewed from the point of view of an IT specialist.

All of this requires being creative to create design and beauty.  The visualizer does not always receive clear layout drawings with accurate size calculations.  Very often, you have to build a layout based on the words, wishes of the client, and to create a project you need to have imagination with a developed sense of taste.  In addition to a creative streak, it is necessary to have a technical mindset in order to be able to process information by transferring it to an electronic three-dimensional model of the entire interior.

For this, the visualizer is assisted by various computer programs.

They turn to a specialist when it is necessary to create a room design.  The client is invited to choose from several ready-made options.  And here it is necessary to contact only proven places, such as exterior rendering services by 3Nitro.

Very often, construction companies need to draw up a sketch of the future building.  The renderer works here too.

In addition, with a three-dimensional image, models of various mechanisms, models of future cars, planned landscaping of territories and parks are created.

Place of work of the 3d visualizer

A visual designer can work in construction, architecture, video game development, interior and furniture business, advertising, cinema and participate in the creation of containers and product packaging, in a 3D design studio.

Who is a 3d visualizer and how to become one

3d – visualizer is a specialist who can work in various directions.  Orders can come from architects, clothing designers, builders, engineers, interior designers, even from advertising banner developers, right up to gift wrapping designs.

The more experience a specialist in a given profession has in different directions of orders, the larger his portfolio, which means more demand in the labor market.  To become a 3d visualizer requires a creative vocation, otherwise dry technical work will not bring either joy or worthy results of work.

3d visualizer: job responsibilities

* 3D visualization of interiors;

* 3D visualization of exteriors;

* Adding to the renders of characters and objects to revive them;

* Modeling and visualization of simple interiors and objects;

* Development and creation of high-poly and low-poly models for use in VR / AR;

* Participation in the development of game and presentation VR / AR projects;

* Full cycle of creating models;

* Creation of competent UV-maps;

* Texturing objects, baking textures;

* Rigging, animation creation;

* Interaction with developers, designers and others;

* Compliance with deadlines and accurate performance of the assignment for the TK;

* Work with light, with various lighting devices;

* Work with computer graphic design programs.

3d visualizer – Features of the profession

Any profession has its pros and cons, 3d visualizer is no exception.  The pluses include the fact that:

  1. each order will be interesting, unusual, radically different from the previous ones;
  2. If you are interested in programming, and even you are a creative person, then the profession will become a highly paid hobby;
  3. due to the multitude of possible areas of work, this is a modern, in-demand specialty;
  4. with an increase in the professional level, an independent search for orders becomes unnecessary, customers themselves begin to look for a specialist;
  5. knowledge of foreign languages   makes it possible to work remotely, taking orders from other countries.

The disadvantages of the profession are:

* the need for continuous training;

* for large orders, you will need various programs that are purchased over the Internet;

* the parameters of computer programs are mainly in English, so you will also have to learn the language, or learn it from scratch;

* to work, you need a high-performance computer to meet the system requirements of working programs.

Summing up the results, we can conclude that the profession of a 3D visualizer has its pros and cons, as well as features and benefits.  A client who is looking for such a specialist needs to know only one thing, that it is worth contacting only trusted places, such as