Why You Should Consider a Prepaid Funeral Plan

Thinking about the type of funeral you want to have may seem morbid, especially for those who’re young and healthy. But it’s the best way to save your family extra stress if the worst does happen.

Prepaid funeral plans are a great way to prepare and plan your funeral, working out what you can afford so that your loved ones don’t have to worry about it in the future.

Funeral costs have been consistently increasing over the years, resulting in more people turning to prepaid plans. By paying in advance, you won’t have to deal with increased funeral payments in the future.

This article will look at what prepaid funeral plans are and the benefits of having one to help you decide whether you’d like to set one up or not.

What is a prepaid funeral plan?

A prepaid funeral plan allows you to pay for your funeral in advance, easing the financial pressure from your loved ones when the time comes. Funeral providers can offer a range of packages to choose from, so you can pick the one that suits you best. It’s perfect for those who like to be in control and would like a say in what will happen at their funeral.

How do they work?

Providers will have different plan options to choose from so you can find the one best suited to your budget and the services you would like. You can decide to pay for the price upfront or pay in monthly instalments (this depends on the funeral provider, so make sure to check what payment terms they offer beforehand). Once you’ve chosen your plan, the price won’t increase over time.

The more services you require the more the price will be, but this allows you to choose a plan suited to you, what you can afford and what you would like at the funeral.

Why consider getting one?

  1. Peace of mind
    Not much can give better peace of mind than knowing your funeral is all sorted, knowing that your family won’t have to deal with any of the stress when it’s your time to go. Paying for your funeral in advance is the best way to give yourself this peace of mind. Not only will you feel a lot better about it, but think about how relieved your loved ones will be when they don’t have to worry about the increased prices when the time comes.

  2. Save your loved ones from extra heartache
    One of the most popular reasons for choosing a funeral plan is to save loved ones from financial stress when the time comes. What will already be a traumatic time, having a plan in place will allow your relatives to mourn without the extra worry of paying for the funeral. It is the most thoughtful decision you could make, and the most common reason people decide to get a funeral plan in place.

  3. Rising funeral costs
    Funeral costs are continuing to rise, but prepaid funeral plans provide a way to protect yourself against these costs. Once you have your plan sorted, the price will not rise with inflation. Even if you pay for your funeral and die 40 years later, the price will stay the same.

Once paid, your money is kept safe with your provider who will then use it for your funeral when the time comes.

Choose a plan to make it your own

When choosing a prepaid plan, you’re able to decide exactly how your funeral will be. You can make it exactly how you want it, choosing which services to include, what type of coffin you’d like (if required), limousine provision and so much more. Plans can also include the option to transfer your plan to another family member. All funeral providers will be different, so look around to find one perfect for you and your wishes.

Most funeral providers will have a couple of packages to choose from so you can find one suited to your budget and desires.

As discussed, there are many benefits to choosing a prepaid funeral plan, from the peace of mind it gives you and your family members, to protecting against the rapidly rising funeral costs.

Getting one isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely something to consider. Why not take a look at your local funeral providers and see what type of plans they could offer you?

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