Wondering How Fantasy Football Works? Here’s What You Need To Know

Fantasy football is an activity that can be enjoyed by football fans and nonfans alike. In fact, many people who previously had little interest become very passionate about the sport after having played fantasy.

It is not sports gambling as many assume. It doesn’t even have to involve money if you want to find a league that plays for fun. Many offices like to use fantasy football to raise morale at work.

It s intimidating for those that want to get started. If you are unsure how to play don’t worry – it is just a matter of understanding how it works and doing research. In this article, we will go over what you need to know about fantasy football so you can get started on the fun.

Types of leagues

Adding to the confusion is the fact that there isn’t just one type of fantasy football that you can play. To make it easier to understand we will focus on the two most popular versions.

The first is a season-long league which, as the name suggests, lasts for the entire season. Each week you are matched up against another owner in your league. You win each week when you have more points scored than your opponent. At the end of the season, the person with the most wins is the champion.

There are also daily leagues called DFS. the season only lasts one game. These are popular with people looking to get into it without committing to an entire football season. It works much the same way a season-long one does with certain changes to the strategies.

Clearly making your lineup is important but playing for one day only makes it increasingly so. For instance, a Monday Night Football DFS is going to be much different than a random Sunday in the middle of the season.

Take the time to research

 The most important aspect of playing fantasy football is the data. It takes some research to draft your players, create an optimized roster and be able to make good trades.

You don’t need to understand too much about how the game is played. The most important thing is to take a little bit of time each week to see how your individual players match up against the competition. It is easier to do this when you are playing a DFS league as you only have to worry about drafting for one game.

In a season-long league, you have to look ahead to each week and come up with a roster plan accordingly.

You don’t need to understand the game

 Not only do you not need to understand the game, but you don’t even have to watch the games. Once your roster is set for the day then you have no control over what happens next.

As long as you can do research to put a team together, then you are going to have fun. You can even have a bot pick your team for you if your league does an online draft. The bot will pick the best player on the board for you so you can be sure that the player is at least statistically good.

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