How To Become a Pro Poker Player?

In many ways, poker is comparable to chess as both are mind games. They both require a level of skill and practice to ace. The only difference being, poker can make you earn a shit load of money if you learn to play it like a pro. But it may take years to get to that position.

Here are some quick tips you may follow to climb up that poker ladder and start making profits sooner.

Play against players worse than you

You are not a pro but, in the game of psychology, you need to appear as one. But if you are in dire need of quick cash, you need to put your ego aside and do a quick reality check. Are you better than most of the players at the table? If not, it’s not worth betting with a single or two pairs.

If you are in dire need of quick cash or a high winning rate, you’ve got to play against the worse players or find a profitable table. You can identify one when you see a raise rarely happens, or it is happening way too quickly. Or a single person is making big blinds repeatedly. Try visiting online casino and identify the most profitable table based on your skills. At lnwAsia you can also find reviews of Gclub to make sure it’s a legitimate gaming website.

Don’t wait if you have strong hands

A strong hand is obviously if you have a full house or flush. You can also risk an all-in with the following.

  • A two pair
  • Four of a kind set
  • Three of a kind set

You may still lose the odds of drawing to higher sets. But further preceding the game, sets will let you win back the chips.

After all, betting your strong hands and preserving your wealth in the pot is wiser than the other way round.

If you are the first to act, you can try all-in with overpairs. Go all-in as an aggressive player would do.

Think about your position

This is a concept that most people have no idea about. In poker, the position shows the sequence in which players are permitted to call.

The last post-flop directly indicates playing in the position. The first one to call is “out of position.” Learn more about poker positions.

Being the last one lets you know the rest of the players at the table and determine the pot size

Fold-in when you need to

As much as you need to bluff effectively, you also need to understand the right time to fold without playing too many hands. It is a crucial part of the Texas Holdem Strategy. You both take your beginning hands and are on the river where you make the main folding decisions. Following times, you should fold regardless:

  • If you skip your draw and have no chance of winning, then blindly fold.
  • When except for a pair of a number (2 to 9) and a suited ace, any hand containing that number is present. For the number 9, additionally, a jack, queen, and king of 9 suited.
  • When the flop appears to deliver a straight or a flush to a player, you can fold.
  • If many players have gone all-in before you, it is recommended that you fold.

Pay attention to the game

Take a note of everything that is happening at the table even after folding. Observe the other players, how they make their move. It shows their player’s personality. You may have to face him again. Also, if you are much invested in poker, you should advance yourself and learn hand reading.

Observation helps you not just with the present game but could provide a basis for your next game.

A successful poker player is not someone who achieves big wins. Rather is a journey of many small losses to reach an experience where you mostly win.

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