UK Founder aims to fast-track the car purchasing experience with Auto Genie

See the website enabling car enthusiasts to buy and sell their cars with much less hassle

Auto Genie is a UK Car website that was ideated in December 2020 and launched in mid-2021 by an automobile enthusiast with experience in sales and e-commerce spanning over two decades.

Auto Genie prided on being one of the first websites to re-engineer the car purchasing experience by allowing users to “make a wish”, explaining that this feature lets users who are buyers post the kind of cars they want with specific details along with their budget, location and other hidden contact details. Sellers can then view these wanted adverts and connect with the buyers easily using the advanced search.


Auto Genie on their website explained how the concept was born from seeking a solution to the countless hours spent on numerous auction sites, owner forums, and marketplaces. Bookmarking filters and visiting websites daily in the hopes of finding the perfect specification of a car a user wanted.

The UK website further explained how the pandemic increased the number of automobiles on the market due to fewer people using their cars, more and more cars were being put up for sale, which made it more difficult for buyers to narrow down the rigorous specifications they desired for their next vehicle.


Not leaving sellers behind, Auto Genie also stated that their platform was a great place for people who wanted to sell their cars as when they search, it offers them a captive audience and simply reveals how many people want to buy the car. They stated this clearly on their website saying, “For those wanting to sell their car, what better market to have at your fingertips than Auto Genie. Being able to immediately see who might be interested in purchasing your car is amazing. You won’t have to necessarily list your car across multiple platforms and wait for someone to contact you. At Auto Genie, you already have a captive audience in front of you”


The UK website assured their users of no more wasting time on websites adjusting different filters, scrolling pages, and tediously combing through many ads to find your perfect car. On Auto Genie, you are just a single search away from finding your next car.

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