Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE)

There are various types of epilepsy that affect the brain, causing the groups of brain cells to transmit such signals that are abnormal and generate seizures.

Our brain consists of four lobes, i.e., the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, the occidental lobe, and the temporal lobe. The most common type of epilepsy in the brain is frontal lobe epilepsy and temporal lobe epilepsy.

In the frontal lobe epilepsy seizures originate from the front part of the brain. It generates symptoms that may be associated with a sleep disorder or psychiatric issues.

Temporal lobe epilepsy is a disorder of the brain which affects both sides of the temporal lobes. It is not specified as left or right Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE). It is broadly termed TLE, i.e., Temporal lobe epilepsy, which affects the process of short-term memory and emotions.

What is temporal lobe epilepsy?

The term TLE is a type of epilepsy used to describe a seizure in the temporal lobe region of the brain. TLE is sometimes referred to as focal epilepsy with defective awareness. TLE appears in about 6/10 individuals with focal epilepsy.

Some people stay conscious of the events occurring, but when the seizures become more intense, the patient may appear awake but be unconscious. The lips and hands of such individuals may make repetitive meaningless movements.

Temporal lobe epilepsy: causes:

About 25% of TLE occurs due to unknown reasons, whereas some of the other causes are:

  • Temporal lobe scarring due to death of Nerve cell
  • Brain inflammation
  • Brain infection
  • Brain injury
  • Brain tumor
  • Developmental deformities
  • Vascular distortions in the brain
  • Genetic causes or genetic variations
  • Alcohol addiction or withdrawal
  • Heart attack, strokes, and the situation causing oxygen in the brain

Temporal lobe seizure symptoms:

The TLE symptoms depend upon the awareness of the patient during a seizure. The symptoms could be focal aware seizures and focal impaired awareness seizures.

Focal aware seizures:

Such seizures are simple partial which occur without losing awareness. It means this type of seizure does not change the level of consciousness. The duration of such a seizure is from a few seconds to two minutes.

The following symptoms are prominent in this type

  • Temporal lobe epilepsy anger is an unusual but known problem
  •  Sudden feelings of worry or anxiety, rage, sorrow, etc
  • Daydream (a sense of closeness), a memory, or confusion (a sense of strangeness)
  • A nauseous sensation in the stomach
  • Modified sense of sight, hearing, smell, touch, or taste.
  • Visual flaws
  • Difficult or not able to speak

Focal impaired awareness seizures:

Such seizures are complex partial, which occur with complete loss of awareness. It means this type of seizure impairs the level of consciousness to some extent. Such seizures show an aura which is a sort of warning sign before they occur. We can also consider the Aura as seizures; it is basically of focal aware seizure level which is advanced to the level of focal impaired awareness seizure.

The duration of such seizure is from 30 secs to 2 mins.

The following symptoms are prominent in this type

  • Staring
  • Repetitive actions and gestures of the hands (fidgeting), eyes (over blinking), and mouth ( swallowing, chewing)
  • Confusion
  • Changed ability to response

Temporal lobe epilepsy personality: 

The concept of temporal lobe epilepsy personality is an old one. At a very early time, the people with such disorders were thought to be demons. The thought that such a condition presents some sharing with another spiritual area still keeps control in some communities today.

In some history, this condition was also considered a punishment for people who showed morally careless behavior.

According to Research, Temporal lobe epilepsy nhs may alter the brain of some individuals. So if you wonder whether TLE influences individual personality, then the answer is yes. TLE affects personality to an extent but generally so that analyzing and dealing with any problematic situation might.

The personality modifications in TLE are the best example of the physiological and anatomical system of emotion.

 Temporal lobe seizures treatment:

  • Medications:

There are many medicines on the market to treat TLE. The doctors will prescribe such drugs to the patients that suit best according to all medical history.

  • Diet:

A slight change in diet is also included in the treatment of TLE. A ketogenic diet that comprises high fats and low carbohydrates are given to some patients in whom medicines do not successfully control seizures.

  • Surgery:

Surgery is only attempted when the patients with TLE are unable to respond to any medication. Or seizures occur because of a lesion or tumor. The surgery done for TLE is a temporal lobectomy, in which a part of the temporal lobe is removed.

  • Laser ablation:

In This process, the laser is guided at the scar. It is aimed at the part of the temporal lobe generating seizures with the help of MRI. The heat emitted from the laser destroys the seizure-causing tissues.

  • Electrical stimulators of the brain:

When all the above treatment fails to control TLE, then nerve stimulation instruments are used. They work in the same manner as a heart pacemaker responds to unusual heart pulses and monitors.

One such instrument is a vagus nerve stimulator that gives short irregular electrical explosions to the brain to decrease seizures.

Another type is a responsive neurostimulation instrument that gives an electrical explosion to block or reduce a seizure.

Although TLE can be treated successfully with medicines or surgery, it always risks TLE patients. People with TLE who do not respond to medication are more prone to mood and memory issues.

The quality of life is reduced, and chances of death are increased due to such challenges. If adequately managed by a Neurology department, individuals with seizures can enjoy an entire life.

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