How to Make the Most of Employee Monitoring Data

We live in a data-driven world. Even though the great Steve Jobs advised you to follow your heart and intuition to get where you want to be, it may not be a good idea to base all your business decisions only on your inner feelings. Especially nowadays when technology offers you advanced tools that can help you make data-based decisions to boost your businesses.

One of the excellent examples of data-based decision-making is Starbucks who joined forces with a location-analytics company to identify perfect locations for their stores based on demographic and traffic information. This remarkable example shows how data analytics can help your business become even more successful.

You can also use workforce analytics software to monitor employees’ computer activity, collect invaluable data, and use it to boost your business. We’ll show you how to use employee monitoring data efficiently to enhance your employees’ productivity, ensure network security, and improve your time and project management.

Data-Based Decisions Will Improve Your Time and Project Management

By including a PC activity tracker into your workflow, you’ll gain real-time insight into the way your employees spend their time at work. Besides tracking their attendance, this tool will provide valuable information regarding the time employees spend on specific tasks, showing you when they are most productive during the day. You can use this data to distribute their tasks accordingly, providing them with support and guidance to fix specific issues and manage their time better.

Workforce analytics software will also give you invaluable insights into the progress of your ongoing projects. This way you can see what needs to be done to achieve set goals. What’s more important, you can use the information about the time spent on different tasks in a project to make accurate predictions about future projects, creating reasonable time frames, and setting achievable deadlines. These data-based decisions will save you time and money. At the same time, your clients will be happy to see that you can finish the project in time, without breaking the bank.

Use Data Collected to Boost Employees’ Productivity

Employee monitoring software can also show you how your employees spend their time online. This way you’ll see what apps they use and what websites they visit during working hours, making the difference between the productive and unproductive ones. By analyzing this data, you’ll identify what interferes with their productivity, providing solutions for potential issues.

For example, you may see that some of your employees don’t use apps and platforms crucial for your business optimally and, you may provide additional training to make them more efficient. Also, you may identify the major distractions among the unproductive apps and websites your employees use to point out how these distractors bring their productivity down.

Then you can make the data-based decision to fix burning issues on the spot.

Also, by analyzing monitoring data, you will see what tasks employees finish efficiently, and those they may struggle with. This will help you delegate the right tasks to the right people, making your workflow flawless.

Use Monitoring Data to Create Excellent Training Programs

Use monitoring data to give your employees objective and accurate employee evaluations. In this way, you’ll be able to recognize employees’ strong sides and reward their effort, providing the guidance they need to overcome their weaknesses.

You can also use performance evaluation data to create outstanding training programs for your employees, just like Google did. Namely, Google drew ample data from thousands of performance evaluations and compared it with their employee retention rates. Then they used the information gathered on skills and traits that their most productive managers have to create the training focused on developing these specific skills and behaviors. By creating effective training focused on developing specific skills, you’ll get a team of high-performing managers and employees ready to go above and beyond to reach set goals.

You Can Improve Your Network Security

Nowadays, when an array of businesses working remotely has their vulnerable data exposed online, network security has become a top priority. This is especially true when we know that cybercriminals have devised sophisticated methods to get to your data and your money.

However, you can use data collected via employee monitoring software to get to the source of criminal activity, identifying potentially harmful behavior. By analyzing this data you’ll be able to create a specific cyberthreat prevention policy to show your employees what to do when handling confidential data in the future.

Data is an invaluable resource that business owners can use to make confident decisions to take their business to the next level. We hope that you’ll make the most of the employee monitoring process by using the data collected via workforce analytics software to improve time and project management, boost productivity, provide excellent training, and make sure your network is secure.

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