How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Shoes

You have found the dress and now the time has come for you to find the perfect pair of shoes to complete your bridal look. Shoe shopping can be fun and challenging in equal measures, but especially when you are on the hunt for a pair of heels for such a special and long-awaited occasion. Your footwear will need to be stylish, comfortable and be able to see you through a long day. Here are five tips to follow which will help you in choosing the perfect wedding shoes.

  • Consider the venue and date

When shopping for wedding heels it is necessary to take into the consideration the venue. If the ceremony or reception will be held outdoors in a garden or on a beach, or you are planning a rustic barn themed celebration, you will need shoes up to the task of walking through grass, sand or dust. In this case a low block heel will be more suitable that a narrow high heel. Similarly, a patent style will more suitable than a velvet shoes or one with lots of embellishment.

Also, consider the time of the year, if you are planning a winter wedding, it may be best to select a closed toe shoe to prevent feeling cold for the day.

  • Choose comfort

Choosing a shoe that is comfortable is of utmost importance. As the bride you will be requirement to be on your feet for much of the day; during the ceremony, while taking photographs, mingling with your guests at the drink’s reception and dancing. Find a shoe that is comfortable and supportive by searching for styles with straps or ties around the ankle.

If you don’t think you can make it through the entire day in the one pair, it would be a good idea to have an alternative pair for shoes to change into later in the day. Perhaps a lower heel or a pair of flats that will see you into the late night.

  • Beware of embellishments

Shoes beautifully crafted with embellishments, rhinestones and crystals are often the first to catch the eye when shopping. If you are wearing a short or midi length dress, they are ideal as the pop of sparkle will be an elegant addition to beautifully complete your bridal look. However, if you a wearing a traditional full-length gown, be careful. These embellishments can protrude from the shoe itself and may catch in the hem of your dress. Take this into careful consideration when purchasing your desired wedding shoes and you will be able to avoid any possible irritation on the big day.

  • Wear them in

It is vital that the bride wears the shoes in a little before the wedding day. There is no point in keeping them in the box and waiting until the most important day only to discover that they are uncomfortable, too tight or you could just use some practice in heels.  Wear a thin pair of socks and walk on the carpet or rug at home to ensure they remain in great condition. This will make you feel more confident on the day and you can be assured that the shoes will not pinch your toes.

  • Choose a shoe you will wear again

This is not necessarily important in preparation for your wedding day, but if you shop consciously, you will choose a shoe that is of a style and heel height similar to what you usually wear. This way you can be sure the shoes will be worn for more than just one day.

Wedding heels for the bride should be stylish and comfortable, by following these tips you will have the most enjoyable day possible.

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