The Art of Gifting Flowers

Gifting flowers is a worldwide gesture, adopted by people from different cultures and ages, for the purpose of sending a message and evoking emotions. Parallel to that is the existence of thousands of flowers that blossom seasonally and possess, by looks, the meaning people want to send. These two factors, along with florists and botanists that have knowledge in what each flower expresses, result in giving the addresser the ability to speak words in the form of petals.

However, picking the right flower is just one step to take. A flower needs to be wrapped up with its accessorial decorations and gifted in the right manner. The wrapping material should match the colors of the flowers chosen, with small assets like chrysanthemums or baby breaths to break the color scheme. To give a better representation of what meaning certain flowers hold, here are a few examples:


Roses aren’t always Valentine’s day, one-time, gift. The different variants of colors in which they come in evoke multiple messages. Red roses express love, pink roses are gifted when you want to declare adoration, and white roses equal purity and innocence. This proves that picking the right flower can be puzzling.



The main message a yellow sunflower sends is wishing happiness, euphoria, and everlasting hope. Sunflowers can brighten up any person’s day and make great decorative pieces that reflect joy and delight. They increase productivity and improve mental health just with their cheerful existence. In addition, they serve as perfect gifts to new beginnings and good luck charms.



Although a peculiar choice, cacti are actually favored by many people that prefer odd and unique plants with low maintenance. Cacti don’t require much care due to their ability to survive in hard conditions, and they serve as great decorative gifts. By gifting someone a cactus, you are sending a message that highlights him or her as a strong and successful individual, who can overcome any challenges by themselves.


These examples only scratch the surface of what the art of gifting flowers covers. Luckily, Presentail can assess you on your quest of picking the right gift.

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