A Look At How Augmented Reality Is Transforming The World Of Home Decor

Augmented reality has been one of the biggest technology trends of late. It has helped revolutionise various parts of life, from the entertainment industry, transforming smartphone games like Pokemon Go to being used in the home. AR consists of combining real-world environments with a computer-generated overlay. The uniqueness of the technology has found a new home in the home decor and interior sign world. It is allowing the industry to advance with the latest technology.

With the use of AR, consumers have more power at their fingertips when considering making changes to their homes. This has changed how consumers view renovating and redecorating things, giving them a try before you buy approach. It has also made companies improve their services by bringing more variety to consumers through the use of technology. 

Ar has also helped many design homes by providing real-time visualisation, making it more practical and having massive influences over customers’ decisions to purchase. AR is an excellent solution to helping businesses provide a seamless customer experience and play a significant role as it is engaging and lets customers personally interact with products. Using AR establishes a unique selling point and helps to differentiate the business from competitors, making products more visually attractive and distinctive. Once customer attention has been obtained, it offers brands the opportunity to boost sales. 

Ar has found a great place in the home decor target for furniture feign and position. Many put off furnishing their homes in fear of getting it wrong due to not being able to visualise what the piece of funding will look like in the space they intend it to go in. However, today, a range of different companies provide furnishing designing and visualisation with the help of AR.

Assembler lets users make their own furniture design on their smartphones. It has an extensive 3D library that provides users with furniture models for free. Then, by simply dragging and dropping the furniture into the space in their home, they want to see it via the app on their smartphone using the rear camera to help the AR predict the area. That allows users to reimagine their complete designs.

Furniture shopping has also been made easy thanks to IKEA place, which is an AR app that helps users visualise IKEA products in their homes. Unlike Assembler, where users can design their own furniture, the IKEA app only works with the furniture they already have and can help customers save time and money in the long run. 

AR’s capabilities in this way have been shown to help IKEA improve their sales and generate more leads. They also have an AR catalogue that allows customers to visualise their products, making it quite apparent that IKEA is making the most of the tech available to them to transform their business model and position in the market.

INHABIT is an AR app that helps users place runs into their desired space to see how they look and see how they fit and if the dimensions work for the area they are intended to put it into. It also lets users pick from a merge of different designs and colours to best support the space and home decor, which give them insight like never before. The rugs in the app are very realistic, and users can walk into and out of the space. The technology interacts with their movements in real-time. 

The Dulux Visualizer app helps customers make the right choice when soldering what paint to use for their homes. They have a variety of colours, and their colour pick technology makes it easier to choose colours that will best work in walls and paces in the home.

The app lets users pick a colour from almost anywhere, and with the help of AR, it allows the user to see how it will look on the walls. In addition, the images and video generated by the app can be saved and shared to help narrow down the options and pick the perfect shades. The app also offers suggested colour schemes, making the process even easier.  

(Image Source: Super Office CRM)

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