10 Best Small Galley Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

Any kitchen project can be costly and time-consuming because upgrading or renovation can be expensive. Moreover, you need to consider every aspect of decorating and installing. Hence, the whole project requires more time than needed for making decisions. In the designing aspect, the galley kitchens can be a little challenging to style. But these are very functional, versatile and also help you maximize your space.

Even though the galley kitchen is disreputable for its narrow walkways and lack of space, it is equally spectacular and versatile. That being said, the creative styling can take your small galley kitchen to another level and completely elevate the look of your space.

Pocket-friendly Small Galley Kitchen Ideas

If you are looking for upgrading, renovating, or even building a new home with a galley kitchen, here are the best budget-friendly ideas. They will help you in the process of building a dream kitchen. For more information on kitchenette design ideas, visit Caesarstone.

  1. Add Cabinets for Storage

Add cabinetry that has an abundance of drawers in your kitchen. It helps in opening up the space by keeping all the kitchen appliances and stuff in the drawers. That will give you ample storage to keep your appliances and other items in their designated space away from the countertops. These cabinets will also make your daily life simpler and enhance the value of your home.

  1. Add the Modern Touch

To achieve a modern look, bring all the elements together that perfectly complement each other. For example, you can consider adding different hardware to your drawers and cabinets that will bring additional details into your decor.

That way, you can revamp the look of your space without spending on brand new installations. For instance, a black and white kitchen with cement tiles and brass hardware will look modern too.

  1. Attract Attention with Accent Tiles

Accent tiles will add visual interest to the overall look of your kitchen. Unique and bold pattern tiles will act as the centre of attention. To achieve any particular look, ensure that your other surroundings are in sync with each other. For instance, for fun & crazy tiles, you can add complementary lighting and cabinetry.

  1. Embrace the Natural Light

If your kitchen window lets in the natural light, consider incorporating it fully to brighten up the space. You can contemplate adding light counters and cabinets that will provide an open look. Furthermore, select the backsplash, cabinets, and flooring to balance the whole look and add more character.

  1. Add Colourful Vibes

For fun and cheery appeal, consider adding colours throughout the space. You can add colours by painting the walls or cabinets. Moreover, you can expand your creative ideas and infiltrate some colours into the space by creating bright and colourful decor such as colourful cooking books & magazines, utensil holders, rugs, and even plants & fresh flowers.

  1. Bask in Moody Glory

If you think you need to stay away from dark themes in small spaces, consider changing your mind. A wall of dark cabinets, countertops, tiles, and appliances will add a statement to your space.

You only need to make sure that the other factors will balance out the overall moodiness. It can include a dark theme enveloping the white walls and floors, adding the touch of gold or brass via handles & sink, etc.

  1. Paint the Theme

We all know painting is the most cost-effective method of renovating the space. You can select the look of your space by choosing the particular colours. For instance, for a bright white galley kitchen, you can paint the walls white or play around with similar tones to have a crisp or warmer hue.

Similarly, you can get creative by opting for different themes with different paint colours like green, blue, beige, walnut, etc.

  1. Rustic and Traditional Appearance

If you have large warm-tone wood floors that you don’t want to change, consider the rustic and traditional galley kitchen. The rustic look incorporates open shelving, natural materials, and a neutral palette.

Even if you generally like the rustic feel and want to add it to your space, you can get the weathered and cozy look by adding staple pieces. You can even play around by adding other elements like industrial feel, stone walls, exposed log ceilings, etc., to mix-match the rustic theme according to your taste.

  1. Have the Best of Both Worlds

If you have mixed feelings about the all-white kitchen along with dark kitchen cabinets, don’t worry. You can enjoy the best of “both-worlds” with a two-toned galley kitchen. Not only are two-tones fun, easy and simple, but these also give the ultimate sophisticated look.

In addition to that, this option is more budget-friendly if you have leftover paints lying around in the house. For instance, the decor pad shares the various two-toned galley kitchen ideas, like a white upper portion with dark lower cabinets.

  1. Add Funky Additions

It’s not necessary to renovate the whole space to make it more aesthetic. Instead, you can uplift the look of a space with small or funky additions like the addition of chalkboard, clock, disco balls, polaroids, wallpapers, décor pieces, etc. You can bring your creative personality into the space by mixing the different patterns and textures.

Wrap Up:

Working in a small kitchen, especially a galley kitchen, can be hard. It looks tiny and cluttered. But you can have your little kitchen that can look nice and beautiful yet functional. You only have to be a little smarter and creative about how you design your space.

Mentioned above is the list of things you can add to your kitchen to make it look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Remember that you need to make all the elements work together to get the desired look.

So, make sure your flooring, countertops, backsplash, cabinetry, kitchen appliances, décor, paint colour should complement each other. By implementing our budget-friendly and unique ideas, you can have your dream kitchen in no time.