3 Reasons Why Business Owners are Hiring Amazon Agencies

There are two things every business owner knows about Amazon: it’s the world’s largest online marketplace, and it is an incredibly competitive space. Of course, there’s one other fact that can’t be discounted: for those who sell their products online, it’s the place to be. With an estimated five billion visits every month from countries all around the globe, just about any target market can be found on Amazon.

There are many reasons why a business may enlist the help of an Amazon agency to improve their conversion rate and other metrics on the platform, but these are the main three:

Amazon Agencies Can Help New Business Owners Form a Solid Strategy

Many business owners may have the technical expertise to handle general dealings and the basics of business, but this doesn’t mean selling on Amazon is a cakewalk. For starters, the platform has many guidelines that are subject to changes over time. This can be tricky to keep up with, especially in light of the other responsibilities involved with running a business.

Hiring an Amazon agency or consultant can keep the learning process relatively brief and painless for business owners who are new to the platform. Particularly for ambitious business owners who want to experience the full potential of the marketplace, it’s vital to have an expert opinion inform marketing, strategy, and the budget given to Amazon campaigns. Many agencies have likely worked in a variety of niches within the Amazon platform and therefore have knowledge and experience that beginner sellers simply haven’t had the time to hone just yet.

Amazon agencies can help business owners to decide how much start-up investment is needed in order to produce successful promotions, graphics, and advertisements- not to mention providing a guiding hand on writing good copy that will help sellers succeed on the platform.

Many Don’t Have the Expertise to Succeed on Amazon

While many business owners are undoubtedly talented at what they do, selling on Amazon requires a fresh level of expertise that often has to be honed over time. As such, it can be worth working closely with an agency in order to learn the skills needed for long term success and to have the bulk of difficult, time-consuming tasks taken outsourced to the agency.

It’s worth noting that Amazon has unique algorithms and strategies for success that are different from typical search engines, so ensuring that any expert or Amazon agency a business works with is aware of the latest developments in Amazon SEO is a must.

There are numerous ways to optimise product listings and overall performance on Amazon, with new changes being made every day. In such a tumultuous environment where information can become obsolete practically overnight, it’s easier to stay up-to-date with the needs of any niche when the majority of the work is offloaded to experts.

Hiring an Amazon Agency Saves Time

When it comes to selling on Amazon, ‘less is more’ doesn’t come into play. Successful businesses have experienced Amazon elites standing behind them. However, experience takes time that many business owners do not have when they decide to begin selling on the marketplace.

Luckily, an agency can help with all the most fundamental parts of setting up a successful business on Amazon, such as writing product listings and optimising product pages for Amazon’s unique brand of SEO, helping when it comes to customer service and getting those all-too-important reviews on every product you sell.

Making sure a business is optimised for selling on Amazon isn’t a one-time thing, either. Many experts recommend weekly ad optimisation, meaning that sponsored ads for certain products must be updated regularly in order to compete with other posts on the marketplace. All ad campaigns and sponsored posts are likely to generate new data to inform business strategy on a weekly (if not daily) basis, so it’s vital that this data is analysed by expert eyes as often as possible in order to further optimise any Amazon business.

The most major bonus of hiring an Amazon agency arguably comes not just from the work the agency does but from the free time that business owners can enjoy rather than spend staying up-to-date with every minor and major development on the platform. By having more time, sellers can focus on honing their expertise within their niche, developing new products, and researching their target market.

Many choose to leave a majority of the Amazon selling process to agencies and use the time to focus on developing sales channels outside of the marketplace. This can include building a website, an independent eCommerce platform, emailing list and other such opportunities.