Legendary Game Developer Enters the NFT Space with Metropolis Origins

  • Metropolis Origins is a cyberpunk collectible card game on the Wax Blockchain
  • Legendary game developer Graeme Devine (7th Guest, Halo Wars, Quake III Arena) and a talented indie studio are spearheading the project.
  • Nov. 17 marked the Founders Pack release – a rare, limited first edition of all cards
  • Card holders can play an impressive beta build and full version 1.0 is scheduled for spring 2022
The Card Game:
Metropolis Origins is a fast-paced collectible card game set in a darkly humorous cyberpunk future where humans and AI coexist as equals – sometimes peacefully, sometimes not. Based on Graeme Devine’s 1987 adventure game Metropolis, the collectible card game marks the start of a new IP franchise that will be developed across multiple platforms.

Metropolis Origins plays homage to classic card games, like Magic the Gathering, but introduces a fast-paced tactical spin on the genre. Players who own at least 50 cards will be able to play a beta build of the game. The beta build includes multiplayer and AI matches, a leaderboard, a deck builder, and custom SFX and animations. For a beta release, the fast-paced card game is on par with other professional-level games.

The card game is kickstarting a community. Members can not only play the game, but participate in the franchise from the very beginning, building on the characters and the richly imagined cybernetic world. A CCG powered by the Wax blockchain, Metropolis Origins enables players to buy their cards as NFTs, giving them a permanent investment in a world that will expand over time to include new stories, games and immersive experiences. 

Specialst is a playable card from the Metropolis Origins Government faction. In the game’s extensive lore, Wexler Bionics introduced the Specialist in 2283, designed specifically for subtlety and infiltration.

The Team
Spearheading the game is legendary developer Graeme Devine (7th Guest, Halo Wars, Quake III Arena). He is joined by Naomi Augustine-Yee (Riot Games), game designer and writer Austin Grossman (System Shock, Dishonored), comics creator Andy Lanning (Guardians of the Galaxy), and a lineup of talented folks from media and gaming who previously worked together at Magic Leap and have variously worked at Atari, Microsoft, Blizzard Activision, Marvel, Kotaku, Gizmodo & DC Comics.

Metropolis Origins is the first game set in Metropolis, a fictional world which will grow and develop as the team develops additional stories and games. An Augmented Reality experience with Snapchat, a PC game and comic books are already on the team’s roadmap.

The Founder Pack Drop

The “Founder Pack” cards marked Metropolis Origin’s first NFT card drop. People could purchase five different packs: random packs of 25 cards, a box of 250 cards, and 50 card packs based on the game’s three factions–Corporate, Government, and Underground.

The NFT game had their limited-edition Founders Pack sale on Nov. 17. The pre-sale for website subscribers sold out in less than 3 minutes. A few packs are still available for purchase for the general public. 

“The launch was a wild ride, we learnt a lot, but something that was new and different for me was that we launched with our community right alongside us. That is very exciting.” – Graeme Devine, lead developer for Metropolis Origins.

The collectible cards are currently a Featured Collection on Nefty Blocks, a popular site for purchasing NFT card packs.

Founder Pack Collector Benefits

Citizens owning at least 50 “Founder pack” cards can already access a beta build of the game. The limited release “Founder Pack ” will be the only released cards with the words “Founder” written on them. As the Metropolis Origins game expands, “Founder Pack” owners will still be able to access the game’s original beta release. A full version 1.0 is scheduled for spring 2022.

There will also be special giveaways for “Founder Pack” owners. The first giveaway is for a rare “Early Retirement” card that was not included in the Nov. 17 drop. On Nov. 21, all players that own 50 cards and link the game to their Wax account will receive the exclusive card.

In Metropolis Origins, most cards belong to one of three different factions: Underground, Government, and Corporate.

About Qxr Studios
Metropolis Origins is the first release from Qxr Studios, a new company founded by game and media veterans to create new worlds, games and immersive experiences. The NFT release served as a funding method for the indie studio.

Qxr Studios sees play and storytelling as the heart of any creative endeavor. Metropolis Origins does not support a play-to-earn feature. The studio believes in playing for fun, not grinding through repetitive interactions to make money (otherwise known as “work”).

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