A Quick Guide On Planning A Kids Party

  1. Stay Close To Home

Hold the event in your house or the garden (backyard). It will make things easier for you regarding organizing and hauling the food and party supplies. If you have a small living area or garden that cannot accommodate everyone, you can request a relative to allow you to use their home for a few hours. Let them know you will set up the place and clean afterward. The local park can also be an excellent option if the weather allows. It will cut costs of sprucing up your house. It can be a picnic-themed party, and it also beats renting a venue for your party.

  1. Work The Guest List

Planning a party will have you lost on which of your friends and family to invite. You will want to invite all of them, especially those who invited you to their event recently. But things can be hectic and costly if the gathering is big. Therefore, consider limiting who to invite. Review your guest list so that you avoid doing last-minute invitations. Also, think about the event and invite guests that will enjoy spending a few hours surrounded by children.

  1. Go Easy On The Invitations

You can get creative with the invitation if you have the skills but can turn to technology if you are not into crafts and do not want the strain. You can make online invitation cards and send them via email or social media. Take the time to think through the party’s theme to help you figure out the details to include in the invitations regarding the event. Consider your target guests, if it is kids or adults, and plan the theme accordingly.

  1. Consider Classic Games

Kids love entertainment with thrills, and the same goes for games. They will be into a captivating magic show as they would playing Simon says, musical chairs, or pin the tail on the donkey. You can also opt for more demanding activities like a sack race or a carnival atmosphere for the party.

Consider including a treasure hunt that will have all the children participating. You can create a treasure chest by wrapping a shoebox or carton with construction paper and gift wrap. Fill it with some rewards and hit it under a blanket in the close, in the sandbox. Draw a treasure map with a few hints and give it to the kids. It can be a quest that has the little ones pretending to be pirates hunting for buried treasure.

  1. Hire Undiscovered Talent

Jump into your network and find out from your connections to recommend an entertainer that will brighten up the event. It is an excellent option if you do not like the limelight. It can be someone that can put on a clown suit and is good with face painting or juggling. Alternatively, you can post a notice at the local art school or college requesting students interested in making a few dollars to entertain kids.

  1. Go For Simple Foods

Food is always the heart of any party, next to fun entertainment. You do not have to serve full meals. You can do snacks like cakes, biscuits, popcorn, juice, and other options to keep the little ones happy.

  1. Be Creative About Cups, Plates And Cutlery

If you have toddlers or young kids, then you will have more parties to come. So, why not think about cutting costs by buying themed supplies in bulk from the local store? You can do plastic cutlery, paper plates, cups, and napkins in different colors. Avoid age and gender-specific things, and make sure what you get can be reused severally before disposing of it.

  1. Consider An Array Of Party Bag Fillers

Plastic toys and party bags often are thrown soon after the event, and they are some of the most notable money-wasters to avoid. Take a different route by thinking about things that the kids will enjoy using for some time to come. Take a look at Premierglow.com for some fantastic fun ideas. Consider stocking up on supplies like stickers, glitter pens, and stamps that you can buy in bulk and give each child.

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