Why are Overwater Bungalows on Everyone’s Bucket List?

Are you planning to surprise your new bride or fiancée with an exotic vacation? Overwater bungalows are one such place that guarantees a breath-taking view to sweep your partner off their feet.

An overwater villa is a growing obsession among many avid travelers these days. This floating destination has many exciting things that make it an inevitable part of every tourist’s bucket list.

Read on to know the fantastic features of these accommodations in exotic islands around the world.

What are Overwater Bungalows?

According to a recent statistic, some of the top honeymoon destinations globally are North America, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Overwater villas are hut-shaped, yet luxurious getaways found in some of the best island resorts in international destinations.

These gorgeous Overwater bungalows can help you enjoy the sea breeze and watch the waves in a beautiful sunset. These are independent buildings designed especially for single guest accommodation. You can find them built on stilts over the water.

The poles that hold the house are drilled deep inside the seafloor. Hence, these are pretty sturdy and have a solid base.

In exotic resorts, you can find these bungalows lined up along a single dock. Some of the best overwater bungalows are seen in island countries like Fiji, Maldives, Mexico, and Indonesia.

Benefits of Booking an Overwater Bungalow for Your Next Trip

Here are some compelling reasons that may entice you to book an overwater bungalow for your next vacation:

High-level of Privacy

Newly married couples can enjoy uninterrupted privacy and a blissful ocean view from their rooms. You will not be disturbed by the noise of footsteps on the outside planks.

You can choose to book the villa furthest away from the beach. It offers the best intimate and magical experience of your lifetime.

To Enjoy Water Sports

Apart from the magnificent view of the waves, most overwater bungalows offer additional services for their guests.

You can enjoy water sports like swimming, kayaking, surfing, and snorkeling for the adrenaline rush.

To Enjoy Additional Benefits

Overwater bungalows offer many exciting amenities for tourists. Some of them include:

  • A small jacuzzi or different pools on the deck like whirlpools or plunge pools
  • A glass floor to enjoy a stunning view of underwater marine life
  • A hammock on the deck to lie and enjoy reading a book
  • A private spa and massage service for guests to enjoy a relaxing evening before they hit the bed
  • Aesthetic huts with copper bathtubs and alluring interiors
  • A private verandah to enjoy your breakfast with your loved ones in the turquoise blue waters
  • A personal butler specializing in different cuisines like Chinese, Italian, American, Mexican, and Continental.
  • Exceptional room service and hospitality from the resort staff
  • Fun water activities for kids when you visit with families
  • Safe accommodation that includes well-lit pathways, non-slippery steps, and sturdy railings around the private lounge areas.
  • The top resorts will keep the water clean and crystal clear. Hence, you can go for a quick swim around the area.
  • If your private villa is located far away from the shore, you can enjoy an exciting ferry ride to the middle of the sea.

Beneficial for Your Health

Spending time near the sea is beneficial for your health. Sea breeze helps to relax, reduce anxiety, and gives pure oxygen to your lungs.

If you wish to spend quality time with your loved ones, choosing overwater bungalows can help promote a happier and healthier mindset.

Tips to Ensure a Comfortable Stay in an Overwater Villa

Here are a few ideas that will help to enjoy a pleasant stay in an overwater resort:

  • Overwater bungalows are typically expensive compared to other beach-side resorts. Hence, you can look for the best offers to find the lowest price for your stay.
  • You must book your vacation in advance to get an all-inclusive package with food, drinks, accommodation, and other additional water activities.
  • You must choose the right direction of the bungalow according to your preferences. For example, if you want to enjoy the morning sun, pick a room facing the east. If you are looking to get a tanned body, you should book a room with sunlight the entire day.
  • Do not forget to pack extra clothes when you choose to live near the seaside. You must carry enough toiletries and a camera to click exclusive pictures of your stay.
  • It is essential to carry a mosquito spray and a good quality sunscreen lotion for your seaside vacation.
  • When you are running on a tight budget, it is advisable to choose to stay two days on a beach-side resort and then upgrade for the last two days to an overwater bungalow.
  • Check the climatic conditions before you book your travel dates. You must avoid planning a vacation during the rainy season to avoid cyclones and hurricanes near the beaches.
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