Don’t Miss These Things When You Visit Cincinnati

Cincinnati may have only a little over 300,000 but the city is nevertheless extremely popular with visitors. Reports from the Hamilton County Tourism officials report that Cincinnati hosts around 26 million one hundred thousand tourists per year.

Known as the Queen City since at least 1819, due to popular civic promotions, Cincinnati has always been known as a popular industrial city, and estimates are that the city is one of the best places for blue-collar jobs in the country. And although many residents of the city have moved to the suburbs of nearby Kentucky, the city remains highly vibrant and thus is a hotbed for tourism. 

Here are some of the top things not to miss if you visit Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Union Terminal

If you love the classic look of art deco, by all means, visit the Union Terminal. Originally a train station built in 1933, the Cincinnati Union Terminal has been occupied mainly by the Cincinnati Museum Center. Besides the stunning architecture, the Cincinnati Union Terminal has not one but three museums. Included are the History Museum, the Duke Energy Children’s Museum as well as the Museum of Natural History and Science. But there is more. There is also an OMINMAX theatre and a Holocaust humanity center.


Visitors will quickly discover that Cincinnati is a foodie heaven. There are so many restaurants it’s hard to pick one or two. But if you are only in town for a couple of days, we suggest you try a few of the best restaurants in downtown Cincinnati.  Sotto, a classic, Italian/European restaurant, Okot, known for their fantastic authentic Greek food and for traditional dining, Orchids at Palm Point.

Cincinnati Music Hall

Held in a stunning 1878 musical venue, the Cincinnati Music hall is the place to be

to catch the Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestra, Cincinnati Ballet, and Cincinnati Opera.

An intimate and ornate setting that seats 1300, the Cincinnati Music Hall is a must-go adventure if there is music or ballet during the time of your vacation.

Cincinnati Zoo

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens is famed for its exhibits. It is known for its White Bengal Tigers, a rare sight, as well as for its white gorillas, another rarity. Visiting the zoo is really an all-day event, due to not only the plethora of animals to see, some exhibits which have state of the art glass cages, and a tremendous Botanical garden that will attract even the most jaded of visitors. The Cincinnati Zoo is an essential stop on your visit to Cincinnati.

Play Ball

The Cincinnati Reds have been playing baseball in Cincinnati since 1882, and they currently play at The Great American Ball Park, located just off the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati. The ballpark holds around 42,000 fans and Reds Fans are among the most vocal and vibrant fans in professional baseball. Go visit yourself to feel the electric feel of watching a game.

Cincinnati Art Museum

Located in Eden Park, the Cincinnati Art Museum is not only one of the oldest museums in the US but is jam-packed with over 7,000 decorative art items, such as furniture, glass, ceramics, metalwork, and architectural design. Complete with 5 original Van Goh’s, and special collections as well, thanks to a generous grant from a patron, admission to the museum and parking are absolutely free. So take advantage of a visit when you are there.

Irwin M. Krohn Conservatory

The Botanical Gardens at the zoo are not the only place to see very colorful plants and trees. 

The Irwin M. Krohn Conservatory, built-in 1933, and with the same art deco artistic flair as Cincinnati Union Terminal, the Irwin M. Krohn Conservatory is managed by the Cincinnati parks department and has over 3,500 different kinds of plants.

Although not free like the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Krohn Conservatory is also in Eden Park, so visitors can easily visit one and then another. This gem features a fern house, a palm house, a desert house, an orchid house, a terrific Bonsai Gallery, and a seasonal floral show. The Krohn Conservatory is not to be missed.

Taft Museum

The Taft Museum is a smaller but noteworthy collection of works of art, including a Rembrandt, and the museum is currently exhibiting a very impressive collection of around 40 works of art that make for a stunning visit. Currently, due to Covid, the Taft Museum has only limited hours, being open only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Admission was complimentary, but a suggested donation is encouraged to help rebuild The Taft historic house, so that it may stand for generations to come.

American Sign Museum

High culture and is it not your thing? You’re not alone. On the other hand, the American Sign Museum may be just your thing. A true version of Americana in downtown Cincinnati, the American Sign Museum features over 200 signs, most of them neon, which reflects the golden era of signage. Filling over 20,000 square feet in a warehouse/museum, tickets are $10 for seniors and older students and $15 for adults, but this tour, including a guided audio tour with headphones, is well worth it. The museum is on Monmouth Street in Cincinnati and has various hours so check their website for updates. This is also something you do not want to miss during your stay..

Fountain Square

If you have ever watched WKRP in Cincinnati (and who hasn’t) during the opening sequence you get a shot of Fountain Square. Fountain Square is the gateway to downtown Cincinnati, and the area features dozens of shops, restaurants, hotels and office buildings. Besides the Tyler Davidson patron gift to the city, the Genius of Water is over 100 tons of stone and bronze, in front of the fountain are a few acres of gorgeous flowers, which provides a fantastic invitation to explore the breadth of downtown Cincinnati. The area is particularly stunning at night.


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