Mexico City – What is Interesting Here and why you Should Definitely Come Here?

Mexico City is the metropolis of the sun, the birthplace of ancient tribes. This city is vibrant and exciting. Here the air is saturated with traditional dishes, and life passes under incendiary songs! The city is sure to delight guests with its magnificent palaces and interesting museums, where treasures of civilizations almost wiped off the face of the earth are hidden. In this article we will talk about those places that are definitely worth a visit in Mexico City. Of course, it is very difficult to build a route around the city on your own, so we advise you to simply purchase a walking tours Mexico City.

Paseo de la Reforma Avenue

On the avenue is one of the symbols of Mexico City – the Monument of Independence with a bronze gilded angel on top. On the Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City already appears as a modern metropolis with skyscrapers and business centers. Here, on the main artery of the city, the famous Day of the Dead carnival takes place, when numerous groups in national costumes and outfits depicting skeletons and other characters of Mexican mythology go dancing along the entire Paseo de la Reforma, gathering many spectators from all over the world.

Chapultepec Park

 Chapultepec Park is just huge, and there are always just crowds of people.  But there you can always hide from the stuffiness and heat of the Mexican capital and breathe in the fresh forest air.  A lot of squirrels live in the park, you will meet them anyway – just have time to take pictures!  The park constantly hosts some festivals, events, a bunch of stalls with souvenirs, hand-made products and snacks.

Metro Mexico City

 This subway is one of the most beautiful and comfortable subways in the world.  Firstly, all stations, except for the name, have their own image: a pyramid, corn, a frog – you can’t go wrong! And secondly, many metro stations are beautifully decorated, for example, when you go to the metro station to Teotihuacan, you go through a long passage stylized as a starry sky!

Well, now you will understand why it is worth visiting the wonderful city of Mexico City.

  • Mexican cuisine. Mexican cuisine is the only cuisine in the world that has been inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List for its diversity and rich history.
  • Pyramids. Everyone knows that the pyramids are not only in Egypt. The pyramids of America are scattered across the jungles, deserts and plateaus of Mexico. The rulers of that time built them to demonstrate their wealth, their strength and to cause appropriate fear in their subjects.
  • Available at any time of the year. The idea that Mexico is just an arid country with cacti is wrong. Thanks to the country’s large area, huge elevation changes, and the two climate zones that the country spans, in Mexico you will always find the weather that suits you.

Mexico City is both a modern city with subways and skyscrapers, and a historical and cultural center with churches, museums, parks, cozy bars and cafes, and colorful houses on narrow streets where Indian motifs and modernity are intertwined. We hope you liked our article and very soon you will go to this beautiful city.