Where to stay in Qatar during the World Football Event 2022?

The inhabitants of the oil-rich, small Gulf nation of Qatar pondered how they would host an expected 1.2 million tourists for the five-week event when the Football Federation declared in 2010 that Qatar will host the World Football Event in 2022. Fortunately, Qatar started a massive makeover of its capital city Doha in the years that followed. Qatar has made short term rental properties  available to make sure there are enough lodging options for the spectators at the biggest athletic event in the world. This short-term lodging information will be helpful if you intend to travel to the nation for the 2022 World Football Event.

Begin by searching for domestic short-term housing 

You may now rent houses online in Qatar, so it should be simple to find short-term rentals there. Fortunately, Qatar Tourism has introduced a new renting licence for property owners to offer short-stay accommodations in order to guarantee that all tourists have a place to stay during the World Football Event. The “Holiday Homes License,” which is required for domestic property owners to rent out their residences, was introduced by Qatar Tourism. Property owners must have the licence in order to list their homes on rental websites. You can reserve short-term apartments through these websites if you’re interested in them. Before making a reservation, it is imperative to confirm the domestic property’s licencing.

The high demand for reservations during the five-week World Football Event season is projected to drive up the cost of vacation properties in Qatar. This is why short-term apartment rentals might offer a convenient lodging choice.

What Will Happen To Vacation Rentals In Qatar? 

Although it is too early to predict, considering the popularity of the event and the vast number of visitors, it is likely that the bulk of upscale hotels will be reserved for teams, supporting staff, the media, etc., making it difficult to secure accommodations at opulent hotels. Trip organisers predict that as the event dates approach, rooms at several 4-star and 3-star hotels may become available. All of the main hotel chains in the Emirate, including Hilton, Marriot, and Intercontinental, reportedly reported full reservations prior to the event, according market sources. Rent for vacation apartments is rising as Qatar searches for a variety of housing options. Over $2,700 more is being paid every night in rent for holiday rentals. Going with short-term flats is advised.

Given that Qatar is a very safe country, you can use any property finder Qatar to search rental properties. Finding a safe spot to stay for the World Football Event shouldn’t be a concern because all necessary arrangements have been made to give protection to foreigners. However, you should reserve short-term flats as soon as you can to keep the cost of your stay low.

How Do I Reserve Short-Term Vacation Rentals In Qatar? 

In Qatar, there are two options for finding short-term apartment rentals: directly or through a real estate agent.

Real estate agents handle all the administrative tasks and serve as a liaison between landlords and tenants. The commission these brokers demand is 5% of the yearly rent. However, the majority of real estate agents are charging half a month’s rent for short-term housing for the World Football Event. You can also get in touch with property management firms to find rental homes in Qatar. However, if you’ve made the decision to look for short-term accommodations on your own, you can look for properties using real estate search engines or newspapers.

One of the most anticipated events of the year, especially in the wake of the pandemic, is the World Football Event 2022, which will draw millions of spectators to Qatar. We hope that this information will make it simple for you to locate short term rental during Nov and Dec if you intend to visit.