How to choose the right Bobtail Insurance provider for your trucking business?

How to choose the right Bobtail Insurance provider for your trucking business?

The moment you hear about truck insurance, the first thing that strikes your brain is how much you are exposed to risks without having one. If you think that your business operations involve higher risk then you better get your commercial vehicles protected. Not having adequate bobtail insurance coverage means your trucking business can slip into non-functional mode any day followed by an unforeseen incident. The best way to avoid such a situation is to get essential coverages along with liability insurance for your bobtail trucks.

Almost every insurance company offers services online for customers’ convenience. With wider options to pick from, people tend to get puzzled and end up choosing an insurance company that makes huge promises but follows a slow claiming process or is not able to settle it. Some even don’t offer good customer support.  Many people get swayed away with big promises and take either less coverage or more than needed.  To save you from such a bewildering state, we have curated a checklist that every bobtail insurance seeker should consider before choosing any insurer.

Things to consider while choosing a bobtail truck insurance provider

Buying bobtail truck insurance is itself a big task. Its definition, inclusions, exclusions, conditions, deductible, and many more aspects can give anyone a major headache. As the commercial truck insurance industry is very broad and there are n-number of insurance providers in the market, choosing the right insurance provider can be overwhelming or you might get confused in the middle.

Here are some of the major considerations you need to make while choosing an insurer for your bobtail truck insurance.

  • Company reputation

First, shortlist those insurance companies you are interested in working with. Once you have curated the list, visit each insurer’s website where you will learn:

  • Mission, vision, and values.
  • The involvement with the community.
  • Financial strength.
  • How much experience do they have in the truck insurance field?
  • The leadership of the company.
  • Types of truck insurances they sell.
  • The location where they serve.

It is unlikely to find an insurance company with positive reviews only. If the information you get leaves you unsure then research the same things about other companies on your list.

  • Financial strength

The last thing you would want from your insurer is the slowest claiming process or no response when you need the money the most. Knowing the financial strength of the company is one of the most important factors that you should consider while choosing one. Companies with poor financial results fail to address claims.

  • Price of insurance

The cost of bobtail truck insurance is one of the major aspects a policy seeker would want to consider. But it should not be the only thing. We recommend you just don’t fall for the lower price because less price is equal to less coverage. This means it won’t be beneficial enough when an actual incident happens. If you take inadequate coverage then you will have to bear the loss and expenses out of your pockets. To get more clarity about the inclusions and exclusions, you should get in touch with the insurance agents.

  • Ease of partnership

Getting commercial truck insurance is easy nowadays but what about the mode of communication the insurer follows? Some insurance companies follow an online method for their payments, contacting, addressing queries, etc. However, there are a few insurers who would want you to visit their company personally for premium payments. If you want the ease of doing business with your insurer then you should get the comfort of:

  • Reaching customer care.
  • Online payments.
  • Online claim report.
  • Knowing policy changes, etc.
  • Availability of discounts

Most insurance companies offer good discounting options in various coverages. You need to find out which applies to your bobtail truck. You might get discounts for taking multiple coverages from a single insurance company. Some companies also provide discounts at a specific time of the year. You should check which discounting option suits your trucking requirement. Opt for an insurance company that saves you a good amount of bucks on your policy.

  • Reviews and complaints

Nowadays people don’t buy a single product without going through the reviews. The same goes for bobtail truck insurance. You need to check the number of good as well as bad reviews the insurance company has got from their real customers. Insurance companies with a considerable number of complaints are a red flag.

  • Customer service

A good insurance company has upright and unfailing customer support who are ready to answer all your queries round the clock.  Call them up, and see how well they are addressing your doubts and how well they know about truck insurance. You can talk to their existing customers as well. Company representatives should be able to handle claims efficiently and quickly.

  • Comparison is the key

After you screen all the shortlisted insurance providers through the above parameters. You will have a couple of insurers left on our list. Now you will compare all the aspects that we have mentioned and see which suits your needs and falls within your budget. This step is very crucial as it will lead you to the insurer you will work with in the future.

In a nutshell

When it comes to choosing the right truck insurance provider, it means you are trusting them with your money. When you buy a policy you are protecting your finances and your business from several risks. If a company fails to provide the right assistance and quick claim settlement, then the dollars which you were spending the whole time on your premiums go in vain. Therefore, it is essential to make an informed decision in this quarter.

You should assess insurance companies through all the above-mentioned parameters. Most importantly, pick an insurer that provides the most appropriate coverage for your bobtail trucking needs. Once you are sure that an insurer is good enough in all facets, take the final call!