Leading Industrial Clutches and Brakes Providers

Industrial clutch parts Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer and industrial clutches and brakes provider. It was established in 1994. We stock ICP products at our facility in Whaley Bridge, the UK, before shipping throughout the world. We’re providers for various major brands.

Major Brands of ICP

The major brands that ICP produces include:

  • Friction materials
  • Industrial brakes
  • Combined clutch brakes
  • Clutch brakes

ICP distributes a wide range of friction materials, industrial brakes, and clutch brakes.

Industrial Brakes

ICP can provide and supply the right braking systems for almost any industrial application. That’s because it is the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial brakes.

There’s a wide range of industrial brakes that ICP distributes.

Types of Industrial Brakes

ICP produces several industrial brakes with wide ranges. These brakes include:

Hydraulic Brakes

ICP can supply different ranges of hydraulic brakes for any industrial application. The following are different types of hydraulic brakes.

Hydraulically Applied Caliper Brakes

The hydraulic applied caliper brakes are used for a vast majority of industrial applications as a fail-safe break.

Hydraulic Yaw Brake

It is used explicitly for wind turbine yaw systems. The majority of wind power plant manufacturers uses it for standard low noise, safe and reliable braking.

Floating Caliper Brake

The braking force of this brake is 44, 180N. ICP specifically designs it for yaw and rotor systems.

Goizper Hydraulic Brakes

ICP manufactures it to operate when there’s no oil pressure applied. That’s because the pressure is by default.

Pneumatic Brakes

There’s a wide range of pneumatic brakes, namely:

A pneumatic caliper brake is used in applications that need fast stopping and accurate holding.

Eaton Airflex water-cooled brake, which acts as both tension in dynamic and static holding.

Coremo water-cooled brakes: it’s used in too high heat dissipation since it contains a cooling water circuit.

Manual Brakes

Manual brakes have a wide range of brakes, which includes:

  • Eide safety brake FPC
  • Eide centrifugal brake EC
  • Mechanical caliper brake

All these brakes perform different functions in industrial applications.

Electric brakes and electro-hydraulic brakes are other types of industrial brakes. They have a vast range of brakes performing different functions.

Industrial Clutches

These clutches are available in different ranges.

Range of Industrial Clutches

There are various industrial clutches within their range. They are namely:

Hydraulic Clutches

The product is an impressively vast range. It includes Goizper hydraulic clutch, WPT python hydraulic clutch control, WPT Heavy Duty Power Take, and WPT PTO clutch. All of which have different purposes.

Pneumatic Clutches

Eaton Airflex pneumatic disc, Nexen tooth clutch, Nexen friction clutch pilot mount type BW, and air tooth clutch are some types of pneumatic grips.

Mechanical Clutches

It has the following ranges: WPT automotive-style, pilotless mechanical PTO plate, and automatic PTO clutch.

Electric Clutches

Hollow shaft magnetic particle clutch, standard magnetic particle shaft, micromagnetic particle clutch, and electric tooth clutch are examples of electric grips.

Power Take-Off Clutches

Power take-off clutches have a variety of ranges having different functions. They include WPT automotive-style, pilotless mechanical PTO, and automatic PTO clutch.

ICP is an international distributor of all these products brands, including Autogard, Hillard, Friction technology, Pollock, Deublin, and others.

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