How should a motorcycle helmet look? Things to keep in mind

The helmet is the most important safety element. But it is useless if you do not know how to choose the right helmet. How should a motorcycle helmet look?

First thing: if you have just spent thousands of euros on the purchase of your motorcycle, will you spare a few hundred on yourself?

Buy, therefore, a properly homologated helmet, and, above all, it is essential to avoid “all to one hundred” .

How should the motorcycle helmet look?

Go to your specialized store, where they will advise you, and try on there in advance all the necessary ones so that it is the most appropriate size. Don’t be in a rush with something that has to save your life.

In this sense, —and this is something difficult to do online — choose the helmet brand that, at an identical size, best suits your morphology. You can do this work with time. You can even buy the helmet before the motorcycle. It is important to survey stores and brands and, above all, try on dozens of helmets before buying one.

The helmet should be snug, although not tight, but above all it should not slack or rotate around the head or back if you try to move it from the chin guard. If it moves it is a sign that the helmet is too big. In short, you have to find a helmet that ‘is part of your head’, that goes in unison with it.

Make different movements to check its fit. Lateral,  vertical and even diagonal movements. The helmet must not ‘dance’ at any time.

Depending on the brands or manufacturers, there are helmets where their padding can be totally personalized and made to measure. It is recommended, but obviously it will be much more expensive. But remember: you will have a helmet that will fully adapt to the shape of your head. For more information you need to check out this link: –

A large helmet means less safety

How do you know what helmet size you wear?

A good trick is to measure your head with a tailored tape measure. They better help you. It is essential to be as accurate as possible in the measurement. From the forehead to the back, always above the head and completely horizontal. With these data you will obtain the size of the helmet you need. On the other hand, if your measurements are between two different sizes, it is advisable to always choose the smaller one. This advice is useful if you buy online, if you go in person, the best way is to try on the 2 sizes.

One fact to take into account is the interior padding, especially the sides. It is normal for them to tighten, especially when they are new. Don’t worry, over time they will give in a bit.

In addition, wearing the helmet well adjusted is not only safer, but it is also much more comfortable in your day to day.

Remember also that a helmet is made up of the outer shell and the inner shell and that you must take both parts into account when choosing your helmet. At the same time, you should consider the style of the padding, the visor, the ventilation holes and especially the fastening or fastening strap.

Parts of a helmet

It is very important, when buying a helmet, to know all the parts that make it up. Only in this way can we understand the exact operation of our future helmet. The outer shell, the inner shell,  the padding, the closure or strap, the ventilation and the screen or visor.

Outer shell

It is the part that is responsible for absorbing and reducing the energy of the impact.

Inner shell

Its function is to distribute the energy of the blow / impact over the entire surface of the helmet.


Increases helmet protection and comfort.

Screen or visor

Protect your eyes and improve visibility


Through its holes it aerates the interior of the helmet and prevents the formation of mist.

Strap or clasp

It is the simplest mechanism but one of the most important. Adjust the helmet to the head by the chin. The closure or the strap, which you should always adjust to your measurements, cannot be loose, or exceed the chin. Its closure must always be closed. There is no use having the best helmet on the market if you don’t wear it fastened later.

It is preferable to have a clear screen, not “black”. Although useful in bright light, they are only approved for competition. Its use is dangerous if “it is done at night on the road” without changing it, or if you suddenly enter dark areas or tunnels.

It is preferable to combine a completely transparent screen with sunglasses that you can keep in your pocket, or buy a helmet with an internal smoked flip-up screen .

An open one is always better than a flip-up helmet (the front and the screen can be raised to “cool off”: it is safer while driving and allows you to breathe in at traffic lights or at very low speed, although it is not so safe to drive while moving. it raised), but without a doubt the safest option is the full face helmet .

An essential factor in road safety and that, obviously, you must take into account when buying your helmet is lighting. Remember that on the road you are not alone and that you must be fully visible to vehicles and pedestrians.

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