How one app is helping millions of men kick an addictive habit causing serious harm and health problems

More young men suffer from erectile dysfunction today – with high porn consumption the likely culprit. Remojo is helping males take back control of their health and wellbeing with its innovative blocking app.  


Millions of men in the modern era have a secret that they don’t want to talk about: a compulsion to watch pornography. 


A London startup called Remojo is opening up the discussion surrounding this issue and – most importantly of all – providing a solution. 


Studies have shown an estimated 39% of men aged 15 to 29 now watch adult content on a daily basis* – with some getting hooked from the age of 11.  


The birth of the internet has made porn more accessible to a younger demographic, leaving many young men to fall into a habit that interferes with the brain’s natural reward system. 


Modern porn has also become more aggressive – with searches rising for extreme terms such as “incest” or “teen”. 


It is suspected this pattern of consuming high amounts of hardcore material may be creating wider societal issues. Today, adult content is associated with a range of problems in men such as low confidence, poor self-esteem and an inability to communicate well in relationships. 


There is also evidence to suggest that the increase of porn may have contributed to worsening cases of erectile dysfunction: With 28% of men under 40 now suffering from the issue vs 5% in 2001**. 


Noah Church, an author and expert in pornography recovery, explains: “More and more men who grew up under the influence of internet porn are realising that what once felt like a cheat code for quick pleasure has actually been holding them back from experiencing the full potential of real relationships, intimacy, and sex. 


“Ultimately, their porn habits have left them distracted, dissatisfied, and disconnected from others.” 


Remojo, however, is reversing the trend with tech that helps men overcome their dependence on adult content. 


The app uses a wide range of features to help people break the habit such as progress tracking, blocking pornography content, filtering with AI technology, in-app courses that teach self-discipline techniques, and anonymous community support – with close confidents alerted via email if the app is deleted. 


All users remain completely anonymous – with Remojo’s serious privacy policy ensuring that users’ confidentiality is protected. 


Having launched in 2019, it appears Remojo has already tapped into something very real. The app has struck a chord with men around the globe and is now getting more than 50,000 users per month – having already raised over £1.6m in investment. 


The company’s aim is to help 100 million men leave porn behind for good so they can focus on building healthy relationships and develop a lust for life instead. 


Jack Jenkins, CEO of REMOJO, stated: “We really want to see what happens to the world, to our culture and to the quality of people’s relationships when 100 million guys commit to making the change and being their absolute best.


“We’re getting 50k users a month joining this fast movement. Men all over the world are waking up to what they consume and how they live their lives. 


“Our users want to quit porn to free their mind, achieve a better sex life and live by their values.” 


The Remojo app is available for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows systems. 


For more information about how Remojo is battling digital addiction, head over to the official website: 

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