IOTA Soon To Release DApp and NFT Platform – HUH Token Presale Coming To A Close, Investors Don’t Want To Miss Out

IOTA has had a 545% increase in trading volume in the past 24 hours alone. Its recent announcements have excited a lot of investors. However, IOTA Is not the only exciting venture that investors have been flocking to in recent weeks. HUH Token is nearing the end of its presale, and Investors do not have long to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new project. Many will be evaluating IOTA and HUH Token as they continue to provide information in the coming weeks and months.

IOTA is a network that was founded in 2018 and is a non-profit entity. It is open-source and was created for many projects within the IOTA ecosystem, such initiatives include research, development and education. The IOTA token is a native cryptocurrency that is used for transactions and fees on its network.

In recent days, IOTA’s token price reached $1.523 from a low point of $1.1869 in the same month. This surge can be predominantly attributed to IOTA’s recent announcements. IOTA will be releasing a staging network called Shimmer, which will be introduced alongside a new cryptocurrency SMR.

This, in combination with the newly introduced ability to stake IOTA, has resulted in a value increase. Investors are excited to see how far these new features can take IOTA. As DeFi, DApps and NFTs are in the limelight of the cryptocurrency world, it is no surprise that the currencies that support these features are also benefiting from their popularity.

HUH Token continues to have an excellent presale, having approximately 2-3 thousand presale holders. HUH Token has continued to incentivise potential holders whilst the presale is ongoing. They are offering 25% additional tokens when you purchase HUH Token in the next few days before launch.

HUH Token has some excellent features that may be the driving force behind its presale success. As an early project, holders would be wise to get in early before the launch to maximise the benefits from a potentially strong entry into the crypto market. Many early projects are lucrative due to heavy early interest, few can go the distance but HUH Token appears to have the tools to do so.

HUH Token has committed to having a one million dollar liquidity pool split evenly on Pancakeswap and UniSwap when they release. This amount will be locked in for two years, and this has been done to demonstrate that the cryptocurrency is here for the long-term. It will continue to innovate and develop as time goes on.

One of the unique features of HUH Token is its referral system, it allows you to receive 10% of a referred users first investment as BNB. To refer someone, you will have to get a unique referral code. This can be done by linking a wallet to the HUH Token website once they launch; there is no limit to the number of people you can refer. Meaning that you can continuously do this and earn vast amounts of BNB.

Both cryptocurrencies, IOTA and HUH Token, are seeing a surge in popularity based on their merits as currency. IOTA has released some exciting information on their future endeavours, HUH Token has incentivised many to join their presale. With time quickly running out, soon to be holders of HUH Token should investigate the lucrative benefits that HUH Token has so that they do not miss out on enormous returns.


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