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Over the course of the past 18 months, with a combination of lockdown and home working, many of us have spent much more time at home and in our kitchens than we have done for a long time. 

This has enabled us all to learn a lot more about our kitchens, both in functionality and aesthetics. Like us, our kitchens have had to adapt to increased use, whether it be the kids converting the kitchen into a classroom, or you, transforming it into your at-home office, your kitchens have done it all.

This has led to many of us loving our kitchens even more, while others are finding that their own kitchens leave a lot to be desired, and may even be considering a remodel.

Here, we’ll be looking at the top 5 trends in modern kitchens today, with many being popularised even further by lockdown.

Storage – Sleek and Stylish

With an increased amount of time at home, and an apparent shortage of food on the shelves in the supermarkets, many of us have had more food than usual in our kitchens, and more food means a need for more or just more efficient storage.

Storage solutions such as pull out drawers and swivel units have become very popular in today’s climate thanks to the efficient use of space that they offer. 

Now, maximising storage space in kitchens is not a new trend as such, but it’s been put back into the spotlight in recent times, and here at Multiwood, we’ve got the storage solutions that your customers want, and the ones they need. And as ever at Multiwood, our bespoke kitchen doors offer wonderful functionality, as well as bringing a certain sense of style to your kitchen.


Less is more is a saying that’s been around for as long as anyone can remember, so again, this isn’t a new trend, but trends have a way of being in, and out of style. So it’s hardly surprising that we’ve seen an increase in demand for a minimalistic aesthetic, with increased amounts of time being spent at home, often in a busy household, a calming, minimalist kitchen provides a spacious feel.

Busy work surfaces easily become cluttered and take up a lot of space. So tricks like storing appliances in cupboards are becoming increasingly popular, freeing up work surface space and giving a more open feel to a kitchen. Why not extenuate the open, minimalist feel for your customers even more and go handleless on all kitchen doors?

Broken or Open Plan

Open-plan kitchens have been all the rage for years now, they create an open space, perfect for the modern kitchen environment, plenty of space to cook, and importantly, to entertain. But post-lockdown we’re seeing an increase in broken plan layout requests, probably because we’re all learning the value of having our own space!

While open-plan kitchen diners are spacious, defining zones somewhat with soft furnishings, you get the sense of division, whilst retaining the open and airy feel we all crave!

Take a look at our kitchen ranges, and think about how your customers could break up the space while retaining the open space they crave. We feel our new Kraft kitchen range can offer this, and more! Kraft 

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands again have been popular for many years, often becoming the focal point of any kitchen design, they are able to offer every feature we’ve already mentioned. They become a hub in an open or broken plan kitchen, they’re sleek, stylish and offer excellent storage capability. And, in a time when travel has been restricted, they’re about as close as any of us got to that beach on an island we’ve all dreamt of.

Kitchen islands will become the go-to, first-choice option in the coming years, providing a wonderful multi-functionality, without cluttering up your kitchen!

Here at Multiwood, we’ve got the islands your customers have been dreaming of throughout lockdown! (Not the sandy islands sadly).

Vibrancy and Colour

The final trend we’re looking at is an increased demand for vibrant, colourful kitchen doors and kitchens as a whole. White has always been, and always will be in style. But more and more people are experimenting with colourful kitchen cabinets, as a room we spend a lot of time in, it’s easy to see why you’d want to put your favourite colour in your busiest space!

Earth tones are in, along with bold greens and nautical blues, while pale pinks are also becoming popular as people seek to add a touch of femininity to their space.

At Multiwood, we offer a bespoke paint service on virtually every one of our kitchen ranges, with 28 bespoke matt paint finishes and a colour matching service, allowing us to match any colour from a well-established paint company, with our highly skilled, in-house spray team proving we’re more than your kitchen door manufacturers, we’re the kitchen door suppliers that have the services your customers want! 
Check out each kitchen range to discover the paint finishes available. Find out more about our paint services: Paint Services

So, that’s it, that’s our top tips on the 5 modern kitchen trends we’re seeing right now. 

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