The fun-filled illustrated kids’ book delighting youngsters this festive season

The charmingly-written and beautifully-illustrated ‘A Monkey Christmas’ is the sophomore novel from children’s author Michael Rohr, released by Enchanted Forest Publishing


A lovable, cheeky new kids’ character is swinging into bookshelves this festive season – as ‘Monkey’ embarks on a magical winter adventure. 


Children’s author Michael Rohr is releasing his latest book A Monkey Christmas just in time for the holidays – introducing young readers to a primate protagonist on a mission to find the greatest Christmas gift of all. 


The novel’s brave young hero, Monkey, wakes up on an ordinary Christmas morning to find a less-than-impressive present tally under the tree. However, his initial disappointment turns to excitement as he is pulled into a journey that teaches him the true meaning of Christmas. 


Imaginative, light-hearted and funny, A Monkey Christmas serves as a sequel to Rohr’s acclaimed debut Cowboy Monkey Talks Fluff. Like the first book, it stars the eponymous Monkey – a character inspired by a blue and green plush monkey toy belonging to Rohr’s son. 


Charmingly written and beautifully illustrated, A Monkey Christmas has all the ingredients to become a kids’ holiday favourite. The book is being released by Enchanted Forest Publishing Ltd and will hit shelves in late November. 


Enchanted Forest Publishing founder Lorna Child said: “Michael originally submitted the book as a short story, but we realised it would actually be ideal as a children’s Christmas book. 


“Michael is a family man who knows what children like to read and what stories they find exciting. 


A Monkey Christmas is written in a way that makes reading fun and the sketches are incredible. It’s a story that explores something kids love – every child wants to meet Santa – and we also really liked the use of rhyming. 


“The book is a lovely feel-good Christmas story filled with lovely characters that people can share with their children.”

A Christmas Monkey is due for publication on Wednesday 24 November and will be available on Kindle and in paperback format in book stores right across the UK. 

A special edition hardback book with colouring-in pages is also being released. 

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