What UK Lotteries Do You Have the Best Chance of Winning On?

Lotteries are a great way to spend your money while also increasing the odds of winning. It’s an easy win-win situation that has been around for hundreds of years. While there are many different lotteries worldwide, it can be hard to know which ones you have the best chance of winning on. This article puts together some of the best UK lotteries that you have a good shot at. Read on!


The EuroMillions gives out the biggest lottery prize in the world. It’s an excellent opportunity to win big, and you can easily buy tickets online or from any of their retailers. The winning numbers are drawn every Tuesday and Friday, with ticket sales closing at 8:00 pm GMT (9:00 pm BST).

With an impressive €uro jackpot of over €50 million, it’s no wonder why so many people want to try their luck. This lottery takes place in nine different European countries, including the UK and is one of the most popular lotteries worldwide. Your odds for winning in EuroMillions are 1 in 139,838,160.


This is a big UK lottery that offers huge jackpots of up to an incredible £10 million. The winning numbers are drawn every Saturday at 7 pm GMT, with ticket sales ending at 8:30 pm. It’s a great way to win big while supporting the National Lottery Good Causes fund, making it easy for players to feel ethically sound about playing. In this lottery, your chances of winning are 1 in 45, 057,474. It is for adults only and requires a ticket to play.

The Health Lottery

The Health Lottery, run in the UK by charitable organisations, raises money for health-related causes in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The jackpot in this lottery is always £1,000,000. Each participating lottery retailer donates £1 to the prize fund for every ticket sold.

Every player has odds of 1 in 2, 118, 760 in all the draws. To participate, players must be at least 16 years old, and you can purchase tickets online or from authorised retailers.


The Thunderball lottery is a UK-based game that focuses on big jackpots. It’s a great opportunity for players to win some serious cash, with the winning numbers drawn every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:30 pm GMT with ticket sales closing at 10 pm.

With a £500,000 rollover from their last draw. It’s no wonder why many people choose to play this lottery. You have odds of 1 in 8, 060, 598.

People’s Postcode Lottery

This is a UK lottery that gives players the most bang for their buck. All you need to do is buy a ticket and enter the numbers in your postcode, and you’re good to go. After matching all six of your numbers, you’ll be entered into their monthly draw with cash prizes up to £10 million.

This is one of the few lotteries that you could simply walk up to a shop and buy your tickets, making it easy to play. Players can play this lottery for as low as £1 per week with odds of 1 in 135,000.

Set for Life

This is a great lottery that gives players the chance to win up to £250,000 every week for the rest of their lives. All you need to do is match three numbers, and you can collect your cash prize.

It’s easy to play this lottery, and tickets are available from authorised retailers around the UK or online. With a chance of 1 in 15, 339, 390, you can even get additional tickets for this lottery by collecting LOL points on the Lottery Ltd website.

Free National Lotto

For those who prefer not to spend money on buying lottery tickets but would still like to be in with a chance of winning some real money, there is the Free National Lotto free lottery. There are two draws, the Daily Draw where you can win a small amount such as £5 or £10, but you can win up to about £2,000 in their 5-Ball Draw without spending a penny.

Because the winner of the Daily Draw is drawn at random from the active number selections entered the odds of winning depend on the active entries, which we believe to be about 1 in 10,000. The 5-Ball draw is RNG driven so with 5 numbers the odds are 1 in 658,008.


Playing the lottery can be fun and rewarding. The above lists the most popular lotteries in the UK, and many people play lotteries to increase their chances to win a large sum of money.

However, playing these lotteries is not as easy as you think because it involves quite some money. If you want to be an intelligent player, then choose the best one from the list. Depending on your location, you can also play these national lotteries online by making simple bets or buying tickets from local shops.