Oasis Network and Immutable X Stabilise as HUH Token Holders Enjoy a 1000% Return Rate

Oasis Network and Immutable X are just some of the cryptocurrencies that have been affected by the overall downwards trend of the market in recent weeks. However, the market has begun to show signs of bouncing back and getting its second wind. Whilst the vast majority have not seen their former glory returned yet, many are slowly regaining market value.

One token that seemed to not be affected by the overall downwards trend is HUH Token. HUH Token was only released on the 6th of December but saw an incredible start to their crypto journey. The token is currently on Pancakeswap and will be available on more exchanges soon, such as Uniswap.

The Oasis Network is a layer one decentralised network that utilises the increasingly popular proof of stake. Oasis Network is responsible for private blockchain information. It allows both open finance and data economy to utilise its services.

In the past month, Oasis Network has seen difficulties in maintaining its market value. Its native currency, ROSE, fell from $0.4638 down to $0.2098. It has only been a short amount of time since that low, but it appears that ROSE has begun its recovery and the Oasis Network will continue to attract new buyers as they develop.

Immutable X was designed to solve the major issue regarding the non-fungible token (NFT) craze at the moment. The prominent problem people are facing is the cost of minting NFTs is so high. Immutable X provides a platform that allows NFT to succeed and is more accessible to those creating them.

In a similar fashion to Oasis Network and other cryptocurrencies, Immutable X has suffered from the recent crypto market famine. Towards the end of November, IMX (Immutable X’s native token) reached a price of $9.4928. After a decrease in value of almost 70%, Immutable X reached a market price low of $4.6078. It has since broken the $5 barrier. However, it seems too soon to declare its recovery. Investors should evaluate if they believe in the future of the project and the popularity of NFTs.

HUH Token is a new entry into the crypto world and aims to generate wealth for those who join its community (HUH Nation). HUH Token can aid those with minimal amounts to purchase alongside those with large amounts of capital. It achieves this through two main features, static reflection and a unique referral system that rewards users in BNB (Binance).

HUH Token has surpassed the expectation of many and continues to do so. Only 48 hours after launching, HUH Token had a 1000% increase in market value. Meaning a purchase of $1,000 would have made those who joined early $10,000. Soon after a dip in price, the token has broken its previous cap once more.

HUH Token could be the next lucrative opportunity; being a new token with a growing community could mean that the sky is truly the limit. After witnessing price increases from Shiba Inu, anything seems to be possible in the cryptocurrency world. Those who join projects they have done their due diligence on could end up with returns greater than predicted.


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