BACKBONE creates a tailor-made digital experience for Luxury Vacations UK and it’s customers.

Luxury Vacations UK offers bespoke tours to individuals, couples, families, groups and corporations with top-notch guides and well crafted experiences, within the UK and Ireland. Their offering also includes concierge services and luxury vacation rentals. 

In operation since 2002, with steady growth, Luxury Vacations UK was looking to exponentially boost their business.  They wanted to get in front of a larger international audience, attract a wider demographic of prospects and elevate their customer experience.

BACKBONE proposed a fully branded, experiential travel portal that would showcase their tailor-made tours to the right high-end audiences, through carefully curated content based on a SEO strategy.  In addition their new website needed to inspire their visitors and offer utility to their prospective and existing customers through custom tools and functionalities.  Luxury Vacations UK had hit a glass ceiling that could only be broken by scaling their organic traffic, optimizing their targeting and by offering that “something extra” on their website. 


Αfter conducting a series of in-depth discovery sessions to clearly identify business goals, challenges and opportunities, BACKBONE went to work, analyzing Luxury Vacations UK’s target market, their competition and their target audiences.  Detailed personas were created for each user group, to understand travelers habits, behaviors and goals when searching for tours online.  Based on that data, the ideal user journey was mapped out for each persona to determine a website architecture that would facilitate each use case.  Once it was clear what needed to be built, BACKBONE moved forward with designing the solution.


The new website design fully encompasses the essence of both English culture and the Luxury Tours UK brand, it presents the company’s exclusive services and provides an experiential and appealing environment for prospective travellers.  The user experience nurtures customer acquisition through a clean, user-friendly interface that is inviting for visitors who are looking to be inspired by personalised options for luxury holidays in the United Kingdom.  Heavy focus was placed on mobile, which is where a large portion of Luxury Vacations UK traffic comes from.


The website includes an interactive map with destinations, points and activities of interest, as well as hotel recommendations. The map includes accommodation, activities and monuments marked with colored clickable pins. The experience resembles a virtual trail in the UK with a clean interface and rich content that drives customers to further explore it. BACKBONE also created a filtered list for luxury tours of all kinds  for Luxury Vacations UK website. Each tour is a startling adventure as the astonishing design along with the breathtaking photo material prompt users to ask for a quote. 


Key to the success, scalability and sustainability of this now digitally transformed business, is the selection of EXPRESSION an enterprise level, cloud based Digital Experience Platform (DXP).  Luxury Vacations UK is now armed to run and grow their online business with a plethora of tools at their disposal.  From content management with full SEO support, built in e-commerce and a fully integrated API at its core, Luxury Vacations UK is now free to dream without constraints and is in full control of their digital future as their vision expands.

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