Dog Training – Assistance to man’s best friend

Dog Training – Assistance to man’s best friend

Dogs are known to be our best friends, and it is one of the most entertaining and happiest moments to have a dog around. The domestication of dogs dates back quite a long time. It has been used as a guard dog and a guide for a long time from the past. The dogs have become associated with humans and are said to have become sensitive to human speech and communication. They have developed a good ability to understand human language, get adjusted to humans’ lifestyles, and be a part of their life. If having a dog at home, it is necessary to train them to be adaptable to the lifestyle and make them more familiar with the surroundings and be healthy.

Dog training

Dog training deals with the use of daily scenarios and circumstances to mold and develop the behavior of the dogs. Dog training can be done to the pet dogs to go about the day-to-day life living with humans or are given to dogs that assist a particular activity or task. Even though the training of dogs helps them assist in a particular task or activities dates back to the early times of Romans, training the dogs for domestication purposes has gained importance in the past few decades.

Types of dog training methods

Dogs are intelligent creatures and tend to learn and adjust to situations quickly. But training the dogs for domestication purposes can help achieve this much faster. The dogs mostly learn and develop their behavior according to the surrounding and different environmental stimuli.  The dogs can modify their behavior depending on the sensitization and the consequences of their behavior. The training procedures of dogs are of different types depending on the type of training required for the dog. However, the main foundation to a successful training procedure should include proper communication with the dogs, understanding their behavior and reactions, and should be able to incorporate reinforcement at the right time.

The training procedure can be broadly classified as:

  • Individualized training – To meet urgent problems like aggression, fear, etc.,
  • Class training – Where the dogs are allowed to socialize with the other dogs to become more independent and to improve their emotional wellbeing, and
  • Specialized training – given to dogs used for guarding, herding, for competitions, assistance, hunting, detection, and sniffer dogs.

Some of the commonly known training procedures include:

  • Relationship-based training
  • Koehler method
  • Model-rival training
  • Dominance-based training
  • Clicker training
  • Motivational training
  • Balanced training
  • Electronic training

Even though dogs are loyal and obedient, training a dog is a basic need, and training should be given as soon as possible. Some of the tips to keep in mind are:

  • Provide the dog with an obedience training program.
  • Make training more fun using games and physical activities.
  • Give positive reinforcement to develop a better connection between the dog and the trainer.
  • Make sure to provide schedule the training and give them complete training.

Training the dog for the first time without any professional help can be overwhelming. To make it easier, professional dog trainers help train the dogs according to the type of training required by the dog parents. For dog training Utah check here.