Horizon Oasis FZ LLC is expanding services to bring blockchain solutions to a wide array of fields

The blockchain engineering firm, founded by the Spanish engineer Cristian Carmona, is expanding its solutions to serve clients in different industries.

Oasis Horizon FZ LLC a new player in the blockchain ecosystem

The Spanish Fintech entrepreneur, Cristian Carmona, with years of blockchain expertise, launched Oasis Horizon FZ LLC to better meet his client needs, after identifying the potential of applying this technology to a wide spectrum of sectors. Carmona noticed that blockchain wasn’t going to stop in Cryptocurrency, in fact it was only a first step, for something much bigger. Blockchain immutability, transparency and security qualities made it ideal for fields such as finance, telecom, education, gaming or supply chain. In 2019, he decided to set Horizon Oasis LLC offices in Dubai and since then, it has helped corporations achieve their true potential by implementing cutting edge blockchain solutions that best fit their needs.

Advantages of being a third-party solution provider

Being a third-party engineering firm, Horizon Oasis LLC can choose among the best-in-class blockchain layer one solutions, which translates into best possible solutions in terms quality and pricing. The team is fully aware of their competitive advantage and the company fosters a culture of continuous development, to keep the pace with the everchanging landscape in the blockchain industry. Horizon Oasis works with a varied array of blockchain technologies in order to deliver the best-in-class solutions to their business partners.

The experienced team at the heart of Horizon Oasis FZ LLC, leverage their knowledge to apply best layer 1 solutions, be it Ethereum, Eos, Cardano or Iota to name a few, to deliver best in class solutions. Nor they are focussing on one step of the value chain either, the solutions they develop range from blockchain wallets, DAPPS, smart contract programming, market places or private blockchains. Ultimately, offering a one-step technologically solid top-quality solution with a competitive price point.   


One technology, infinite applications

Blockchain is the new book keeping technology that is set to revolutionize the world as we know it. The technology basically allows for the removal of the “trust” factor from transactions, removing the necessity of a central entity to control the system and all the risks that come with it. The first globally spread and best-known application of this technology is Bitcoin, the decentralized currency, but it will soon arrive to other areas such as education, payments, finance, or retail to name a few. The revolution is just starting and Horizon Oasis FZ LLC and Carmona want to guide their clients in this transition.

Horizon Oasis a versatile player in the space

Carmona, at the head of Horizon Oasis FZ LLC, is excited for all the potential applications, both known and unknown, that this technology will bring and he is confident of the privileged position they are in. Nevertheless, he acknowledges that these opportunities won’t come without challenges but he is fully confident in their capacity and their ability to work together with their clients to reach to optimum solutions.

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