BuBul to launch affiliate scheme

BuBul is the world’s first intelligent business advice platform designed for SMEs.
Since its launch in March 2021, BuBul has helped hundreds of people start and grow their own businesses but wants to help tens of thousands!
To do this, they are launching an affiliate scheme in January 2022 which offers a share of revenue for introductions to accountants and SMEs. The scheme will pay 50% of initial revenue and 20% of ongoing revenue. As an example, a successful introduction to an accountant would generate for the affiliate a minimum £385 in year 1.
Setting up and running your own business can be very rewarding but carries a high risk, with less than 40% of SMEs lasting longer than 5 years. Although getting the right advice increases the chance of success by nearly 50%, 3 out of 4 SMEs do not get advice tailored to their business.
With budgets and time being tight for smaller companies, they don’t use business advisers who typically charge £150 an hour but instead often look for free or funded advice. Many do not qualify for Government funded initiatives and end up spending time and effort on generic advice which may not be right for their business.
As an example, many small companies want to grow revenue, think that they therefore need more leads and customers so put time and effort into learning how to improve and expand their marketing, only to find that they are still not growing as quickly as they wanted. If they had used a good business adviser who asked the right questions they could have discovered that they already had enough leads, they just needed to get better at converting them or to improve their customer retention. Until they are asked those questions they do not know what the real issue is!
BuBul asks the questions an experienced business adviser would to work out what advice is needed for someone wanting to start or grow their own business and then delivers that advice from over 70 subject matter experts.
BuBul gives SMEs access to tailored advice for just £20 +VAT a month and also offers white labelled versions for accountants, enabling them to offer a wider range of advice to their clients whilst generating a substantial return on investment.

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