Bedsure Brings Their Best-Selling Organic Beddings to the UK to Help Insomniacs Get Cozy Sleep

This summer, global leading home textile manufacturer Bedsure brings their best-selling organic beddings to the UK to help customers in the UK improve their sleep quality during summer.


According to the National Health Service (NHS), one in three people in the UK are suffering from insomnia. This national wide phenomenon is partially caused by the ongoing global health crisis, and the expected summer heat wave across the is expected to worsen the problem.


As stated in a report published on One Earth, rising temperatures are suboptimal for sleep health. On very warm nights (greater than 30 degrees Celsius, or 86 degrees Fahrenheit), sleep declines an average of 14 minutes, resulting in more people getting less than 7 hours of sleep as temperatures rise.


An air conditioner might be a good solution, but the accompanying costly electricity bills and the subsequent greenhouse effect can also be troubling. To help customers who are suffering from insomnia to sleep better, Bedsure is bringing even more summer-friendly natural fabric bedding products to the UK this year.


Bedsure Bamboo Lines for Night Sweaters

Since 2018, Bedsure has innovatively incorporated viscose from bamboo into its products to offer customers the utmost sound sleep experience, even during the most uncomfortable summer nights. Bamboo-based fabrics retain all the benefits of raw bamboo sticks as they are naturally breathable, moisture-wicking, extra cooling, and bio-degradable. 


Viscose from bamboo fabric is considered extra breathable by industry experts for its high air permeability. Benefitting from its hollow structure, liquid content, such as body sweat can be absorbed and evaporated instantly. The bamboo-based fibre features the strongest perspiration and breathability among natural fabrics. Moreover, bamboo is often touted as an eco-friendly resource because of its fast-growing, carbon sink and completely degradable.


The Bedsure 100% Rayon from Bamboo Pillowcases are the perfect summer sleep companion. Its excellent moisture-wicking nature helps remove excess heat from hot sleepers and cools down a hot sleeper’s sweating night. The excellent breathability of the fabric enables enhanced air circulating while removing excess heat and moisture with ease. This temperature-regulating pillowcase also bears the smooth touch of butter. Made from a luxuriously silky and soft fabric, Bedsure Bamboo Pilllowcase’s butter-like hand-feel has been approved by 23,291 Amazon shoppers in the US. This summer, Bedsure is bringing the Amazon’s Choice pillowcase set to customers who are suffering unbearable summer heat in the UK. 


In addition, the buttery pillowcases are also considered a great beauty sleep companion, especially for those with curly, wavy, damaged, or textured hair. The smoothness and moisture-wicking effects of these pillowcases help the hair glide over it and therefore reduce tension and pulling at night. Moreover, the Bedsure Viscose from Bamboo Pillowcases is extra durable, just like the raw bamboo sticks they are created from.


The Bedsure 100% Rayon from Bamboo Fitted Sheet is the perfect duo to the viscose from bamboo pillowcases to complete the cooling summer sleeping space set up. Similar to the bamboo-based pillowcases, the Bedsure 100% Rayon from Bamboo Fitted Sheet also bears excellent air permeability for extra breathability. The larger skin-contacting surface on the fitted sheet brings an even greater cooling sensation. 


The 100% rayon from bamboo fabric is extra moisture-wicking, just like the pillowcases, which brings sleepers a cool and dry night of sound sleep. This breathable and silky fitted sheet has been praised highly by customers like Scoot from the US, “These sheets are hands down the most luxurious sheets I’ve ever purchased.” Its thoughtful design also makes it easy to maintain, as the fitted sheet can be removed and cleaned easily by pulling the elastic band around the edges. Moreover, this silk-like luxury fitted sheet can be machine washed below 40℃ with a gentle cycle and tumble dry for full restoration.


Bedsure Cotton Bedding for Hot Sleepers

As one of the world’s oldest known fabrics, cotton is well-loved worldwide. With a cultivating history of over 7,000 years, cotton has always been a popular choice of fabric for its airiness, soft touch, durability, versatility and year-round usage. Having a bedding set made of 100% cotton maximizes all these benefits, making it especially practical in summer.


Made with 100% cotton, The Bedure 100% Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket is highly breathable and moisture-absorbent. The nature of cotton also makes this blanket get softer after washes.


Featuring a fine and springy texture woven with a classic waffle weave pattern, the thermoregulating Bedsure 100% Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket conveys a cosy vibe to any modern space. Its year-round practicality and multi-scenario versatility are also worth noting, as the blanket can be used as a warm keeper, extra layer of bedding, a gift option, or a simple home décor element. The 405 GSM waffle weave blanket creates an experience that’s like a thick blanket and a thin blanket rolled into one, it is thick enough for the winter and breathable enough for the summer.


This hot summer, Bedsure has prepared a full range of organic-based products for customers with all needs. For Bedsure’s full product lineup, please visit: 

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