Why HUH Token Is The Seven Day 6000% Increase Launch Sensation, How Shiba Inu Is Gaining and Why Were Excited Safemoon V2 Is Finally Here?

HUH Tokens launch saw the world’s first Utimeme skyrocket to the stratosphere and it appears that more and more crypto lovers are becoming holders of HUH Token in such a short space of time, could this be the reason why HUH Token saw a 6000% increase in a matter of days?

Though, whilst those numbers turn in your head, and mine, it’s easy to see why Shiba Inu saw such a large increase this weekend, despite the dip that the cryptocurrency market saw.

Although, Safemoon appears to be sharing the top altcoin spot, in popularity anyways, with HUH Token as Safemoon successfully launched its V2 update.

Could this be the reason the altcoin market is experiencing such a bullish season this December, or is the success of HUH Token, Shiba Inu and Safemoon a sample of what’s to come from altcoins?

HUH Tokens Success!

The percentage increase experienced by HUH Token is nothing other than outstanding, given that HUH Token only launched on December 6th of this year, and it seems that HUH Token could have aided in curating a bullish market this Christmas season.

HUH Token not only saw a market increase of 6000% but also attained over 9,000 wallet holders, with an estimated 10 million in trading volume within seven days and that’s just to name a few.

It seems that investors are quickly moving away from larger cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, as there appears to be greater growth potential with altcoins like HUH Token… as demonstrated over the past week.

If becoming a HUH Token holder is something that you’d be interested in, then currently, HUH Token are offering a unique referral code system, that will see you receive (for each new HUH Token holder you refer) a 10% BNB benefit from the referees first deposit and the referee will receive a 10% sales fee reduction.

Though, get this, the code can be used for numerous people, so the benefits simply keep stacking in your favour.

This might also occur as HUH Token intend to burn 1 million of their own HUH Token pool this week, which will see the value of HUH Token rise for its community, amongst this HUH token will soon be available over BitForex, though at present you could buy HUH Token from PancakeSwap or their personal website.

Remember, that before buying any cryptocurrency you should do your own research into the coins, tokens and the market, so you’re well informed before making any purchases.

Shiba Inu’s Just-In-Time Whale Investor

Shiba Inu plummeted, somewhat, over the weekend though it soon saw a sizable market increase when a whale investor purchased 50 billion Shiba coins which is valued to be around $1.8 million.

Amongst the larger sell-off of currencies this week, supposedly due to the Omicron variant, there are currently 549,057,767,444,318.66 SHIB in circulation.

The suggested Ethereum whale investor is now in possession of a large quantity of SHIB.

Though, it appears that given the bullish state of the cryptocurrency market so far this month, that the market will recover in equal amounts of time it took to dip slightly.

SHIB holders are also excited for Shiba Inu’s entry into the metaverse and wider use availability due to this which could see Shiba Inu skyrocket once again… though for now, the Ethereum whale investor is the dip-saviour.

The Excitement of a New Moon; Safemoon

Safemoon transitioned this month from its V1 to V2 state which experts believe will see Safemoon increase from its current loss-state.

Experts expect to see Safemoon return to its former glory in the new year and with it bring along many other altcoins with it, like HUH Token and Shiba Inu, though it seems those altcoins might not need Safemoons help.

However, with the V2 update in place Safemoon holders should see an increase in safety, quality and accessibility in comparison to Safemoons V1 state.

This might mean that the popularity surrounding Safemoon currently is a demonstration of the rise the altcoin will see in the coming weeks, and by extension, what the same viral-internet-popularity has done and will do for HUH Token and Shiba Inu.

Remember, before you buy into any cryptocurrency you should complete your own research into the ones that look good to you, you can do this by clicking the links below or googling the cryptocurrency as well.


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