TheCoinTrust Review – Advanced Tools for Retail Traders

As a retail trader, moving capital between markets is important for any online broker. Therefore, retail traders are always looking for trading platforms where they can move in and out of markets without restrictions. TheCoinTrust provides the right tools and a long line of assets for you to trade. Additionally, TheCoinTrust gives you the platform to gather assets and build a strong portfolio.

There are many processes involved in building a well-hedged portfolio. With TheCoinTrust, you get all the support you need, including 24/7 customer service that attends to all your problems or questions. In our TheCoinTrust review, we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the platform. If you want an unbiased look at the TheCoinTrust brokerage, then you are in the right place.


Extensive List of Tradable Assets

TheCoinTrust has a long list of assets available on its platform. Users can trade these assets with the tools available on the platform. These assets give traders more options when they are building their portfolios. Additionally, it allows them to build diversified portfolios protected from market risk. These assets include cryptocurrencies, CFDs, ETFs, and stocks. Traders have access to all assets available on the platform and can trade any assets as they please. TheCoinTrust adds more assets quickly to increase user choices.

Seamless Mobile App

The TheCoinTrust platform has a seamless mobile app that caters to users who want to make trades on the move. The app is fully integrated with the platform, allowing users to access their accounts and portfolio from their mobile devices. Furthermore, users can get the best from their portfolio as they can access their trades anytime and do not need to use the web platform to make important trades. This access creates a sense of ease and allows traders more flexibility when they have other activities to perform through out the day. The TheCoinTrust app is available for download on the website or the app store

No Fees and Low Commissions

There are no fees charged for trades on the TheCoinTrust platform. These eliminated fees reduce the cost of trading to commissions deducted by the platform for trades. As a result, the platform offers users a good way to trade without worrying about the costs of trades or how they would affect their portfolios. Additionally, beginner traders would find it easy to trade without the fees, and they would be able to build a portfolio with small starting balances. TheCoinTrust removes these fees to reduce the barriers for retail traders and ensure they have a better time trading.

Latest News and Market Updates

Traders know the value of market news and how it helps them to make better trades. The TheCoinTrust platform gives users access to the latest market news and insights that they can use to stay one step ahead of the market. Furthermore, the platform has market analysis from asset experts who thoroughly break down the market and offer expert opinions to traders. These news updates give users the edge they need to stay one step ahead of the market and build a better portfolio.


Tiered Accounts for Users

The TheCoinTrust brokerage offers a free account with limited tools and a pro account where users can access more advanced tools. The Pro account is more advanced and is better suited for traders with more advanced knowledge of the markets and how to build a portfolio using the tools at their disposal. On the other hand, traders who just want to buy and hold assets are better off with the free account and do not need to upgrade for pro features.

Final Word

The TheCoinTrust brokerage offers users a seamless mobile app which they can use for all trades. Additionally, it gives them a basket of assets they can trade or add to their portfolio. The TheCoinTrust website has more details to learn more about the platform or contact the customer help desk. Visit the TheCoinTrust website and start your trading journey

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.