Why DeFi is the future of crypto and how launchpads like BoostX and BullPerks are helping it expand

Decentralised finance (DeFi) allows users to make financial transactions without the need of a middleman, such as a bank, allowing individuals to have full control over their finances. In recent years, we have seen the DeFi phenomenon develop as there has been an increase in new DeFi crypto projects entering the market. However, for investors, it has become difficult to know which ones are the safest and the most beneficial. Launchpads like BoostX and BullPerks play a significant role in helping investors learn which DeFi projects are the best ones to invest in, as well as helping the DeFi sector grow.

Launchpads promote various DeFi projects that are in the early stages, usually the presale stage. This is great for both the project and the investor as they are both benefiting. The project is able to grow its community and the investor is investing in a project at a cheap rate, allowing them to profit more in the future.


One of the most diverse launchpads out there, BoostX includes various features to help its users. Whether you’re new to investing or an expert, these features are beneficial to all as they provide information to help educate users. With dynamic dashboards for the presales, curated tokens, and high-quality projects, BoostX has a big range to attract users.

One of the biggest attractions of BoostX is its use of multichain technology. Whilst other launchpads focus on a specific chain, BoostX evaluates DeFi projects from multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Terra, and more. This diversity provides its users with more freedom than other launchpads.


Known for its open, community-focused approach, BullPerks is a popular launchpad within the crypto market. Its main attraction is its transparent six-tier system which focuses on providing allocations fairly to each user.

Also providing an educational system for its users, individuals can learn about the crypto market in general such as IDOs, investment risks, and so on. This helps its users feel at ease as they are provided with a large sum of information, great for beginners as well as any experts who may have questions.

How are launchpads helping expand DeFi?

Decentralised finance projects have been growing in the crypto space significantly, and inevitably, DeFi will soon become the future of finance. Individuals will have control over their finances in a way that has not been seen before.

With launchpads becoming more popular, they play a major role in expanding the DeFi sector. Focusing on decentralised finance projects only, users are receiving major benefits by easily investing in safe and secure DeFi projects that are in the presale stages.

The common tool launchpads have are the educational services they provide, allowing beginners to enter the crypto world, expanding both the crypto market and the DeFi sector. 


Website: https://www.boostx.finance