HUH Token Burning $1million Worth Of Tokens and Shiba Inu Listed In Spain.

Cryptocurrency, since its creation in 2009(Bitcoin), has begun to amass popularity, usability, and acceptance as an emerging resource for future financial endeavours and financial structures.

This week even saw the likes of HSBC consider the use of blockchain technology to process certain foreign transactions… so, it’s no wonder that Spain have listed Shiba Inu this week, as it’s one of the most popular altcoins around the world.

HUH Token burnt 1million of their own HUH Tokens on Wednesday the 15th of December and it could have made HUH Token holders very happy as burning tokens increases the value of said token.  HUH Token holders are growing and with the already amassed 11,000 holders there could be no telling what heights HUH Token may reach.

It seems that the usability and accessibility of cryptocurrency is growing everyday and with the likes of HUH Token and Shiba Inu, amongst many, aiding in this process of acceptance, what could you be in for with a crypto future?

HUH, Burning For You

You might be familiar with Blue Oyster Cult’s song Burning For You and you might not be, but HUH Token burned $1million worth of their own HUH Token on Wednesday the 15th of December to increase the value of HUH Token for its holders.

This could have seen an exponential percentage growth for the newcomer, HUH Token, who appear to have created strong foundations in its early stages. HUH Token can boast a growing 11,000 holders with aims of 1million in 3 months, and at the time of writing this article had achieved a 172million market cap and 100% increase since the market dip.

That could be the tell-tale signs of a cryptocurrency with a bright future, where the creators of HUH Token hold your interests at heart.

Given the growth of acceptance that cryptocurrency has seen this past month and growing aspects of usability, like with Dogecoin now being able to purchase Tesla merchandise, it seems that the likes of HUH Token’s utimeme have far reaching applications in the future.

Especially as the cryptocurrency revels in its one of a kind multichain that uses both Ethereum and Binance to potentially offer some greater security against the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

You can check out HUH Tokens stats and figures on the likes of,,, PancakeSwap and BitForex.

If it seems like a good currency to be involved with, for you, then HUH Token offer a unique referral system where the holder is given a code and that code is passed on to friends, family and colleagues and when used the referring holder with receive a 10%BNB bonus and the referred a reduction in sales fees (10%).

Could HUH be what the crypto market has been burning for?

Bienvenida Shiba Inu!

Shiba Inu just launched on Bit2Me in Spain, the largest cryptocurrency platform in the European country amassing 1,200% annual growth and it appears that Spain have welcomed the not-so-furry Shiba Inu with open arms and rightfully so.

Though this is not the first time that SHIB has been traded against the Euro, as Bitpanda, the Austrian unicorn of crypto made it possible to trade against the Euro… surprisingly, it’s fun to know that Bitpanda was backed by Peter Thiel one of the billionaire co-founders of Paypal, amongst Elon Musk the Founder of SpaceX.

With the trade of Shiba Inu in Spain it shows that the acceptance of cryptocurrency usage is growing, and potentially, grow from it a way of using cryptocurrency as tool for the progression of traditional banking and finance… though, it looks as though that could offer a very bright future.

If Shiba Inu tickles your fancy, then it’s always wise to conduct your own research into the cryptocurrency you’re interested in… for instance if it’s HUH you’re burning for then you could visit the links below and for Shiba Inu simply type that now-Spanish-welcomed name into your search bar on Google.


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