Ways to Stream Sports Channels In Canada

In Canada, spring is a time of year that usually excites a lot of people who love to watch sports.

There are usually a variety of games going on during the spring, both for the NHL and NBA, as well as during baseball season.

Since there are plenty of games going on at this time of year, you have many opportunities to enjoy watching sports.

And if you’re into sports, you can sign up for a streaming service so that you can watch games from your home country as well as from other countries in Canada.

It might be good to sign up during the spring so that there are often deals available from streaming services.

There are many ways to stream sports channels in Canada. Some of the channels that Canadians can watch sport on include: NBA League Pass, DAZN, MLB.TV, NHL Live, Sportsnet Now, TSN Direct, The Direct.


There are many ways to watch sports with ESPN+ in Canada. You’ll need a subscription for the service.

ESPN is an American company, so they don’t have anything similar for Canadians.

However, you can still watch sports using WatchESPN with your login credentials from your cable provider.

This is also available to Canadians who sign up after the free trial period has expired.

It might be worth signing up to access ESPN+ now if you are interested in sports because there are often deals available on the service at this time of year. 

NBA League Pass ‍

NBA League Pass is a subscription service that allows you to watch NBA games on your computer, phone, tablet, or TV.

The cost of a League Pass is $29.99 CAD per month and the cost of a League+Premium Pass is $36.99 CAD per month.

The League+Premium Pass also allows you to watch two devices at the same time which is great if you live in a multi-TV household.

In Canada, NBA League Pass subscribers can watch games from the 2012-13 season and later.

This includes the 2019 NBA Championship win by the Toronto Raptors against the Golden State Warriors.


DAZN is a sports streaming service that offers live and on-demand coverage of various live sports events. It’s available in Canada and the U.S.

It costs $20 CAD per month or $150 CAD annually (after a one-month free trial) for full access to NFL Game Pass, which includes all NFL games from the 2013 season and later, as well as full Premier League games and other soccer leagues (Champions League, Europa League, and more).

In addition to NFL games and soccer, you can also watch tennis, rugby, boxing, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), darts, cricket, and more via DAZN.

They offer a one-month free trial for both their monthly and annual subscription plans.


MLB.TV is an online streaming service of Major League Baseball (MLB) games that provides live and on-demand game broadcasts to fans located in Canada.

You can subscribe to MLB.TV for just $24.99 USD for the offseason package, or $59.99 USD annually

If you want all the goodies that come with a subscription including postseason action and extras like highlights, classic games from previous seasons, and daily recaps from major league pitcher Rick Sutcliffe in the “Sutcliffe Report.” 


NHL Live is a great way to watch hockey in Canada.

It offers access to thousands of games on-demand, including playoffs games, regular-season games, and even outdoor games and All-Star Games.

The subscription cost is $159.99 CAD per season – Early bird pass, so keep checking for new packages on the NHL website.

Hockey makes everything better, so with NHL Live, you can access games any time you want!

Sportsnet NOW

Sportsnet NOW is a great way to catch all of your favorite sports games, without having to worry about missing any of the action.

The price is very affordable, Sportsnet NOW’s cost in Canada ranges from $12.50 CAD per month for a 12-month commitment to $27.99 CAD per month, now you can find the one that best suits your needs.

The service offers full access to NHL games, NBA games, MLB games, CHL games, WWE matches, and more.

You can also watch curling on Sportsnet NOW. Plus, the service provides a variety of great features and benefits that are sure to please sports fans of all ages.

TSN Direct

I heard about TSN Direct on social media because I was looking for a way to watch the soccer game for free. TSN Direct is one of the best sources to watch games for free.

It’s not expensive, it provides great service, and it has an amazing user experience. TSN Direct is well worth the money.

I think the best way to review TSN Direct is to break it down into its individual components.

The basic package, which costs $19.99 CAD per month, includes four channels: TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, and TSN4.

The $7.99 CAD per day pass is perfect for occasional viewers who only want access to one or two channels for a short period of time.

The $99.95 fee unlocks all five channels for six months, so it’s only worth the investment if you plan on using the service regularly throughout that time frame.

The Athletic

The Athletic is a new sports magazine that was originally created in the United States.

It’s subscription-based, which you can pay for either per month or if you’re committed, year-round. The price is $71.88 CAD annually, or $9.99 CAD per month.

With The Athletic, you get access to a variety of content. This includes articles written by professional journalists who cover teams and games, as well as podcasts that you can listen to.

You also have the chance to read exclusive interviews with players and coaches.


Streaming sports channels in Canada has never been easier than it is today. The Internet has opened up so many doors for cord-cutting.

Streaming services like Netflix, CraveTV, and Shomi have allowed Canadians to cut the cord with cable TV and watch what they want when they want without having to pay for cable packages that include channels they don’t watch.

Games are also available to stream on the web in real-time via cable providers like Rogers, Shaw, Bell, and Telus; NHL TV; NBA League Pass; MLB.tv in Canada games featuring Canadian real-time teams and Sportsnet.

These games can be streamed in real time over the web to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Sportsnet NOW, TSN Direct, and The Athletic are also fantastic ways to watch sports online without cable. They’re not free, but they provide you with all kinds of content so it ends up being worth the money.