What to do in Vegas on a Limited budget?

For a frequent traveller, budget is always a primary concern. They always try to cover all places under a fixed amount. It allows them to save the maximum amount of money.

Well, we all know that every backpacker thinks twice about visiting Vegas as it is one of the most expensive cities in the United States.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t travel to Vegas with fewer amounts. It just needs a perfect execution and analyzing some points, where you all can save a good sort of money.

For power pack planning, you need an expert suggestion. For this, we gather accurate information from experienced traveller bloggers and are willing to share it with you.

How to plan a pocket-friendly trip to LA? 

Las Vegas’s grand lifestyle and fascinating culture attract various visitors around the world. It is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Almost every person has a dream to see Sin City once in a lifetime.

Apart from these exotic appearances, Las Vegas is also a perfect destination for a budget trip. It has numerous hotels, places, food courts, and modes of transportation that charge minimal prices.

With these following five ways, you can plan and cover the Las Vegas destination easily;

  • Before booking a flight ticket, go through the various websites and check out their latest offers and discount codes.
  • Avoid car rental services, use public transportation as it is the best way to save money.
  • Shortlist the place where you want to go and calculate the estimated cost.
  • For a budget-friendly trip, a group trip is perfectly suited.
  • Rather than staying at a hotel or villas, try to explore the guest house and hostel. Also, you can pre-book vegas vacation packages from reliable websites, they also provide attractive discounts to their customers.

Being an attractive tourist destination, Las Vegas has a lot to offer you. It has numerous places that offer breathtaking experiences at a minimal cost or free.

Places to visit in Las Vegas on Limited Budget


  1. Visit the Bellagio Fountain

If you look for a mind-blowing musical fountain show free of cost, then Bellagio Fountain is just for you. For a budget-friendly trip to Las Vegas, Bellagio Fountain musical show should be on your bucket list. Here, you do not need to spend a single buck. This awe-inspiring fountain show is a benchmark of LA. It is operated by the Bellagio resorts.

Bellagio Fountain was the world’s largest fountain when it was first inaugurated. But it was then replaced by The Dubai Fountain and Fountain at Okada.

So don’t you think it is a wow opportunity to save some money?

Address:- Bellagio hotel and casino, Las Vegas

Best time:- During the night

Price:- Free


  1. Pool Party at Citrus Grand Pool Deck 

Las Vegas has fascinating vibes for all age groups. Especially for the youngsters, LA has many pool party options, and Citrus Grand Pool Deck is one of them. It is the biggest rooftop pool in Downtown Grand. For the resort guest, it is absolutely free and, for a non-resort guest, they charge around $100-$200.

It is a quite nice option for you, it would probably give you a cool vibe where you can chill at the poolside, play tennis in the courtyard, and go to the casino at Downtown Grand.

Address:- Downtown Grand, Las Vegas

Best Time:- 10am – 4pm

Price:- Free for resort’s guests and $100-$200 for non-resort guests


  1. Enjoy Live music in LA street.

You don’t have to buy tickets to enjoy live music in Las Vegas. In fact, you will find it around every corner of the streets. You will see street performers who sing melodiously. Your musical cravings can be satisfied at free cost!

It is probably the best thing that you can experience in Las Vegas. During the night, the streets of LA get some extraordinary charm that can’t describe even a word.

Address:- Any street in LA

Best Time:- During Night

Price:- Free


  1. Hiking in Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is one of the most iconic hiking points in Las Vegas. It gives a thrilling experience to trekkers. For professional trekkers, Mount Charleston is an ideal trek to do while they are in Las Vegas. It is a perfect combination of green and dry desert. Hike to Mount Charleston is full of natural scenery. During your hike, you will find several waterfalls, vast mountains, and a rare species of flora and fauna. It all comes in your box. This trek is a must-do, as it charges no cost from you.

Address:- Clark Country, Nevada, United States

Best Time:- Summers


  1. Drink Free Wine at Rock N Roll

Rock N Roll wine hosts WINE LOUNGE THURSDAY every Thursday eve. To drink free wine, all you have to do is reserve your online tickets, and they will let you know the event’s location. This WINE LOUNGE THURSDAY event is popular among all wine lovers. A one-day event is worth experiencing, here you get a chance to see the vibrant vibes of the town.

Address:- Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas

Best Time:- Thursday


  1. Attend First Friday Art Festival 

First Friday is a popular art festival celebrated on the first Friday of every month. In the entire town, the First Friday Art Festival is celebrated with great pomp. It has one of the most vibrant festivals where you will find art vendors, food stalls, music, and dance.

This is a must-do thing while you are in Las Vegas. It is a lifetime experience. Fill your bag with wonderful memories and with some good friends.

Location:- Art district, Charleston & Main St

Timing:- 05pm to 11pm


  1. Click a photograph at New York-New York Hotel & Casino

New York-New York Hotel & Casino is a picturesque hotel based on the theme of New York town. It includes small but fabulous masterpieces or landmarks of New York. Among photographers and social media influencers, New York-New York Hotel & Casino is very famous. You can get a chance to click as many photos and videos as you want to click and shoot. It will make your Instagram feed more colourful and vibrant. All you can do with zero investment. Isn’t it cool?

Location:- 3790 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

Timing:- 24*7 open

Wrapping Up

Travelling to Las Vegas under a certain budget is not so difficult, all you need is perfect planning and execution. You can have great fun here. So stop worrying about anything. Just be ready to pack your bag and experience the exotic vibes of the place.


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