Samoyedcoin’s 25 Days Of Giving, HUH Token $500,000 Competition Ending Soon

Samoyedcoin and HUH Token have embraced the Christmas spirit this year by providing rewards for the communities that support their cryptocurrency.

Samoyedcoin has witnessed its price stagnate slightly in the last few weeks, but it remains as cheerful as ever over the Christmas period. HUH Token has experienced a warm welcome to the crypto market and has ambitious goals that they would like to achieve moving forward.

HUH Token are showing that those who remain loyal to their cryptocurrency will be rewarded along their journey. Their most recent example is their competition announcement.

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Samoyedcoin is a meme coin that was designed to be community-owned and a fun experimental coin on the Solana network. The development of the coin started to diversify the Solana network and improve the ecosystem to a flourishing one.

Samoyedcoin has a competition that can be won by an individual in their community each day. The reward is $200 worth of their SAMO coin. To enter, competitors need to create a meme relevant to Samoyedcoin and place it in the comment section of their Twitter post.

Individuals can enter as many times as they want and could even be placed into the hall of memes that they have created. This competition is an exciting opportunity for those looking to get their hands on some free cryptocurrency this Christmas.

HUH Token is a wealth-generating token that has only recently been available for purchase. HUH Token saw a 4500% price increase soon after launch and has maintained a significant percentage above its launch price.

HUH Token generates BNB through a unique referral system. With no limit to the number of people you can refer, the potential BNB earning potential is astronomical.

The token has also been designed to benefit from static reflection. In simple terms, this means that holding any amount of HUH Token will generate you more over time as more people use the token to trade.

HUH Token have also announced their competition and is not the only one they have conducted since launch. Despite only being released on the 6th of December, they have already been giving back to their community. Their previous competition rewarded $100,000 worth of HUH Token. This was split among two winners equally.

They are now giving out $500,000 worth of HUH Tokens to 25 different people. The top position will receive an incredible $100,000 worth of HUH Tokens. The winner of this competition will be 10% of the way to becoming a millionaire. This sizeable reward has been offered to further demonstrate HUH Token’s commitment to strengthening and growing its community. Terms and conditions can be found on their official Telegram post.

The winners will be determined on Sunday 26th of December at 00:00 GMT +5. The largest 20 deposits before Sunday will receive the rewards, and the minimum purchase to qualify is $1000. 5 others will be selected at random. HUH Token encourages members to join their climb to their $500 million market cap.

This crypto Christmas is shaking up to be an exciting one, with rewards ranging from Samoyedcoin’s $200 a day to HUH Token’s massive $500,000 giveaway. Don’t miss your chance to join these competitions as nobody knows when the next giveaway might be.


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