Which are the benefits of a channel manager? Discover the most professional

Which are the benefits of a channel manager? Discover the most professional

If you own a vacation rental hotel, you will need a hotel manager to run your property. This essential software enables you to simultaneously reach a wider audience and sell more rooms on several listing platforms. You could check the services of Amenitiz, experts in hotel management if you require professional management software to connect your business to global distribution systems used by hoteliers.

By getting this software, you avoid the risk of overbooking your holdings by ensuring that room availability is updated when customers book via multiple channels. If you are connected to two or more channels, the property management system (PMS) communicates with other channels regarding room availability by updating occupancy rates and synching all calendars. A PMS also organizes and synchronizes all your guests’ messages and manages your team and customer reviews.

The Difference between Channel Manager for Vacation Rentals and Channel Manager for Hotels

There is a slight difference between channel managers for hotels and vacation rental. They have distinct distribution channels. So, if you run a short-term rental host business or Airbnb, you need to get a channel manager for Airbnb specifically designed for vacation rental management. Short-term rental channel managers also allow you to manage bookings directly made from your websites, social media platforms, and messengers.

If you run a hotel business, it is advisable to get a channel manager software specifically designed for hotel management. These channel managers, such as Amadeus, Travel Port, and Sabre, assist travel agents in identifying hotels that meet the customers’ set of criteria. They also connect to travel metasearch engines that compare hotel prices, enabling customers to make the best hotel choices from one place.

Benefits of a Channel Manager

Getting a channel manager for your hotel business could significantly boost your revenues and enhance the occupancy rate. According to research by AirDNA, a channel manager can enable you to earn double what you would get by using a single vacation rental-listing platform. You also get to simplify managing your room inventory and keep all your calendars consistent.

Let us look at other benefits of using a platform for your business:

Increase Your Return on Investment and Revenue

When running a hotel, you need to keep your calendar up-to-date for a smooth booking process. Having the correct information prevents the loss of customers due to preventable double bookings and cancellations. In this respect, it is an essential revenue management strategy that prevents your business from incurring losses and instead boosts the overall revenue.

Moreover, tracking multiple channels from a single point lets you see which one brings your business most and least value. You can then use the data to adjust the rates accordingly to maximize your return on investment.

Keeps Information Up-to-date

Installing a channel manager could also assist you in updating multiple listings simultaneously through its two-way synchronization. It saves you the time you would spend making adjustments to all your listings one by one. This ensures all your listings are up-to-date in real-time.

Prevent Double Bookings

Every short-term rental host experiences the challenge of double-bookings at some point. You will not need to worry about double reservations and the negative effects on revenue. However, using a channel manager for your business can help you prevent these instances by regularly updating your calendars. If you have listed your properties on several channels, you will particularly like this tool because it prevents you from being overburdened by the workload of keeping bookings updated.

Saves Time

Without a channel manager, hotel business officers waste a lot of time making manual updates to listings, especially if they have multiple. You can save yourself the hassle and save time and money by eliminating routine operations through automatic room availability and rate updates.

Enables You to Advertise Your Vacation Rental Property on Multiple Platforms

A channel manager further enables you to create multiple vacation rental sites and increase the size of your channel arsenal by connecting to OTAs to set them up. And why not? More channels enable you to reach a wider audience and create a bigger portfolio of clients who can book with you.

Bottom Line

If you have not yet begun using a channel manager for your business, this is high time to do so. Installing this software will enable you to synchronize room availability and rates across all channels in real-time during this festive season. The benefits of this business management tool cannot be overemphasized.