Thursday, February 22, 2024

Price, Output, and Payback of 10kw Solar Power Systems

Installing a solar power system is a wonderful investment for your wallet and the environment. There are some initial installation costs to consider, but afterward, your monthly power bill should be significantly reduced. Some systems produce enough energy to eliminate the need to pay a bill at all for entire months.

Keep reading to get more information about the 10kw solar system and find out what you can expect to invest in the installation, as well as the benefits you will receive in return.

10kW Solar Power Installation Price

The price of solar power installation is more affordable than ever. The price of the panels themselves has come down, and the government has programmes in place to offer rebates upon completion of the new solar power system.

A 10kw solar power system typically uses panels that are 330w or 400w and take up about 80 square metres of space to install. This adds up to about 25 or 30 panels required for a 10kw system. You can reduce the number of panels and space needed if you opt for higher efficiency panels. These can be a bit costlier upfront, but may perform better over time, and last longer than standard panels.

Most households across Australia can expect to spend about $10,000 for a basic system with inverter, solar panels, and installation included. The price will fluctuate somewhat depending upon your location and the type of panels that you choose. If you do decide to upgrade to higher efficiency panels, the cost will increase but you can expect better output and reliability from your completed solar system.

If you choose microinverters, these may also be more expensive than other solar panel systems, but they have benefits that make the cost worthwhile. With microinverters, each solar panel is separate and can be configured in various designs to maximise output. Panels can be grouped across your available space and angled. Some panels can be installed to face north and others facing west to take full advantage of the sunlight throughout the day.

When you are selecting a company to work with, find out everything that is included in the package you choose. Look for the type of warranty that is offered and what kind of support will be included after the installation.

Expected Output

The output of your solar panel system is affected by several factors:

  • Location
  • Panel arrangement and angle
  • Shade
  • The temperature of the panels

Before installation, you will have a consultant come to examine your available space and determine if your property is a good candidate for a solar power system. The best possible placement will be decided upon to produce the maximum amount of power and make the investment worthwhile.

On average, a north-facing panel system can be expected to produce about 39kw per day. This amount will increase when it is sunny, reaching up to 70kw in a single day. The output will naturally increase during the summer months and decrease during the winter.

Depending upon your household’s power usage, your solar panels may produce more energy than you typically use in a day. You can consider installing a battery storage unit to store excess power that you produce and then use it in the evening.

Benefits and Payback

You may be wondering what the advantages are to installing a solar panel system for your home. You can usually expect to see a full return on your investment for a 10kw system within six years or less. Most households see annual savings on their energy bills of $4,000 per year.

The benefits of your solar panel system include the capability to produce your own energy. You can decide on the system that is best for you so that you can produce enough energy to power your home and save significantly on your bills. You may go for entire months without needing to pay for your power.

If your home generates power in excess of what you can use, the excess can be returned to the grid and earn you money or credits to offset future bills.

There is also the added advantage of taking action to reduce your carbon footprint and do your part for the environment. Solar energy is both clean and renewable, so your investment is an important step toward a healthier planet.

Solar panels systems are more accessible now than ever before. Make the decision to switch to solar and discover just how much you can save.