January Marks a 30% Surge in Smart Meter Installations Across the UK

The commencement of 2024 saw an impressive 30% increase in smart meter installations across the UK, with energy suppliers successfully completing 221,000 installations in January alone.

This surge not only indicates a 21% year-on-year increase but also sets a record for the highest January installation figures since the year 2020, as detailed in a report by ElectraLink.

This notable uptick in new meter installations has been acknowledged as a significant turnaround, marking the most substantial January figures in the four years following the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The report reminisces about the challenging period in April 2020 when installations had dropped to a mere 12,000 owing to the social distancing measures enforced at the time.

Throughout the duration of the smart meter rollout that began in 2012, ElectraLink has tallied a total of 22.48 million installations. In January, regions known for leading in installation numbers maintained their strong performance, with East England topping the list with 27,000 installations, followed closely by southern England with 25,000, and the East Midlands with 21,000.